• UX & Content March Meet Up

    Origin Energy

    Join us for UX & Content March Meet Up! --- Catch Up Details --- Date & Time: Wednesday 20 March, 6:00 pm Location: Origin Energy, 321 Exhibition Street, Melbourne --- Schedule --- 6:00 - 6:30pm - Doors open / Nibbles & drinks / Meet & greet 6:30 - 6:45pm - Kick off & intros 6:45 - 7:05pm - Talk by Tali followed by Q & A (20 minutes) 7:05 - 7:15pm - Short break for refreshments 7:15 - 7:35pm - Talk by Stefanie followed by Q & A (20 minutes) 7:35 - 8pm - Networking & discussion --- Speaker Bios --- Tali Samoylenki / UI Writer at MYOB "What you can learn from a UX writer" Being a UX writer has its challenges. Quite often, our work can be overlooked, which has serious implications on the user's experience. In this talk, Tali explains her role and how she has learned to approach problems with collaboration and communication – lessons applicable to anyone in the tech space. Stefanie Di Trocchio / Digital Content Director at Origin Energy "What’s in the box?" Stefanie Di Trocchio is older than the internet. She’s been around since Weet-Bix contained gluten and since before UX and Content were subcultures, complete with their own lingo and style. In that time, she’s learnt a thing or two, but there’s one big lesson that she keeps coming back to. Come along to find out what that lesson is, what’s in the box, and what it all has to do with Content and UX. Hope to see you there! Otherwise we will see you next time :D

  • LTUX Breakfast Meetup


    --- Update 25 Monday February 2019 --- Hi All, Sorry to make this last minute update but we have to change the venue for tomorrow's meet up. Don't worry though it's in the same building - just downstairs :) --- Join us for our first 2019 LadiesThatUX Melbourne meetup! This is a casual get-together for all women-identifying and non-binary folks interested in experience design. --- Catch Up Details --- Date & Time: Tuesday 26 February, 7:30 am Location: Stockroom 567, Ground Floor, 567 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000 --- Schedule --- 7:20 am - Grab coffee and some food at Stockroom 567 7:30 am - Welcome and networking 8:30 am - Wrap up and chats Hope to see you there! Otherwise we will see you next time :D

  • UX Mega Meetup - register here: Uxmegameetup.eventbrite.com

    Ladies That UX along with Melbourne’s UX community events are coming together to celebrate the end of the year with Mega Meetup 2018 Wrap Up! You are invited to join us and share your stories with your fellow colleagues, practitioners and enthusiasts. Register at uxmegameetup.eventbrite.com Sponsors Thank you Askable sponsoring this event. Thank you REA Group for hosting Mega Meetup 2018 Wrap Up. Code of Conduct UX Mega Meetup has a Code of Conduct that all organisers, sponsors and guest must adhere to. Please take the time to read our Code of Conduct (uxgatherings.com/code) so everyone can enjoy a harassment free event experience. Venue Details All gender accessible bathrooms The venue is accessible for your mobility device. Venue has wide hallways and accessible bathrooms are available.

  • Ignite Talk Series hosted by LTUX Melbourne

    Intrepid Group

    We're excited to announce our first 'Ignite Talk Series' featuring 4 first time speakers from the Ladies That UX community: Simone Bennett, Ever Ng, Christina Stamm & Millie Stockley. Our 'Ignite Talk Series' are the perfect opportunity for members of the LTUX community to practice public speaking in a safe, supportive and relaxed environment. Each talk is up to 10 minutes and can be on any UX-related topic of their choice. We’ll feature between 4 to 6 speakers for each series and the audience will be capped to 50 attendees. Come along to support LTUX Melbourne's first 'Ignite Talk Series' speakers by reserving your spot today. Doors open at 6 PM for a sharp start at 6.30 PM. Nibbles and soft drinks provided! ---------------------------- Talk #1: Spot Illustration and Empty States by Simone Bennett Illustrations are eye-catching and help communicate a concept quickly. Simone will discuss her experience developing a suite of illustrations which are visually consistent and in-line with exisiting style guides, while communicating with key stakeholders. Simone Bennett multi-disciplinary designer with experience in print, digital design, and motion design. She recently joined the UX team at Intrepid Group as their Visual Designer, with a particular focus on icons and spot illustration. When she’s not pushing pixels, Simone reviews obscure snacks on Instagram (@snackreview) and writes for The Urban List. Simone is also the author of Retro Jumpers – a humorous book about ugly knitwear. Her book is available on Amazon, the Book Depository and other places online. ---------------------------- Talk #2: Before/After Getting Your First UX role by Ever Ng The struggle as a junior UXer is real. This doesn’t mean you need to accept the first offer you get. Finding the right fit with a good support system is crucial for growth and development. I wanted to share some standout moments when I was still struggling to transition and my learnings from my first few months in a UX role. Life changing advice, lightbulb moments and coping with the emotional rollercoaster of a career transition. Ever is currently working as a junior UX Designer within a cross-functional team at Intrepid Group. Formerly a digital marketer and accountant, she decided to undertake the UX immersive course at General Assembly and graduated earlier this year. She now spends all her time reading ‘design stuff’, going to meetups and having way too many coffees. ---------------------------- Talk #3: Hustle Like No Other - From Visual Designer to UX Designer by Christina Stamm Christina holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Creative Advertising & Graphic Design degree from Curtin University of Technology in Perth and has recently successfully completed a User Experience Design course at General Assembly in Melbourne. Christina is currently undertaking a UX Design Internship with a growing international company and is building an exciting career as UX Designer. Follow her on twitter: hello_stamm ---------------------------- Talk#4: Experimentation and Design by Millie Stockley Experimenting with design solutions is a great way to quickly learn about key user groups. Millie will discuss her experience executing data backed experiments within a design team and how you can do it too. Millie is currently working as a UX Designer within the consumer team at REA. Her passion lies in experimentation and the impact it can have on design. Thanks to Intrepid Group (http://www.intrepidgroup.travel/) for being our wonderful hosts and sponsor of the LTUX November meetup. Looking forward to seeing you all there! All genders welcome. Your LTUX team :)

  • Communication & Leadership: Better outcomes through understanding

    Backdoor entry to Aconex via Duckboard Place

    This October Belinda Dal Lago will be presenting her talk and workshop touching on Communication & Leadership. Be in quick, there are limited spots for this event! Due to the number of limited spots available, this is a women-identifying and non-binary folks only event. "The golden rule" is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated. The concept occurs in some form in nearly every religion and ethical tradition. However when it comes to modern management & leadership best practice, this isn’t exactly the case. You don’t treat everyone the same, you need to treat people differently. Being aware of individuals' differing perceptions and processing styles, provides one with the opportunity to establish rapport more easily. Discover tools to help you develop a higher level of self-awareness and the influence to help deliver better outcomes through understanding the differences in people. Belinda Dal Lago (Principal UX Designer, Oracle) With almost 20 years in the tech industry including 12 years as a product design/UX specialist, Belinda Dal Lago has delivered solutions for small and large business across the retail, finance and construction industries. Her work has been recognised with industry awards for desktop and mobile applications. Belinda has built and led many in-house and remote teams to successfully execute product visions. Schedule: 6:00 pm: Door open 6-6:30 pm: Greet old friends and meet new ones 6:30-8:00 pm: Talk and workshop 8:30pm: Event wrap Sponsor: Thanks to Oracle for being our wonderful host and sponsor of the LTUX October meetup. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

  • Ethics in human-centered design practices

    Origin Energy

    For our September 2018 edition of LTUX, we're partnering up with Origin Energy to curate talks and panel discussion Ethics in Human-Centered Design Practices. About the event: The event format is a mix of short talks to introduce our topic of the evening and a panel discussion. To kick-off, Lucy West will be discussing the ethical tensions and the role of the designer. Chery Paulsen will share practical frameworks for ensuring we make ethical design decisions. Lucy and Cheryl will then join Cluny McCullagh and Jess Vitez for an in-depth panel discussion on ethics in human-centred design practices moderated by Sarah Pan. Who are our speakers? Cluny McCullagh (Customer Research Analyst, Intrepid Group) A former fashion designer and market researcher, Cluny is used to putting humans front and centre in her work. Constantly straddling the qual-quant divide she’s currently undertaking a master’s in data science in an effort to bring some humanity back to the field. A practical advocate for privacy as an instigator of digital trust, Cluny is the Research Analyst for Intrepid Group. Twitter: @clunyA Cheryl Paulsen (UX Designer, SEEK) Cheryl is a UX Designer and Researcher with a background in Psychology. She is passionate about understanding human behaviour and the role ethics plays in design. Twitter: @cheryl_paulsen Jess Vitez (UX Researcher, REA Group) Jess is a UX Researcher at REA Group where she works alongside designers and product managers to conduct research, capture insights and uncover how to create delightful and meaningful experiences for consumers. User research allows Jess to hear people’s stories, learning how products impact people's lives and challenging assumptions to redefine and create compelling products. Lucy West (Human-Centred Designer) Lucy is a passionate human-centred designer with a background across research, strategic, service, visual, and user experience, design. Lucy has worked for Australia’s leading brands and top ASX companies, and loves working with people, to problem-frame and problem-solve, for people. Lucy has designed products, services and experiences across banking, insurance, government, healthcare, and automotive, and funnels her transdisciplinary skills into human-centred practices to deliver meaningful, aligned experiences. Lucy has recently completed her Masters in Design Futures at RMIT, where she researched the role of ethics in design. Sarah Pan (Principal UX Designer, Oracle) - Moderator Sarah works with the team on Oracle's Aconex connecting global teams on the world’s largest construction and engineering projects. Feeding her own curious nature, Sarah will guide our panellists and audience in exploring the role and impact of ethics within UX practices. Schedule: 6:00 pm: Door open 6-6:30 pm: Greet old friends and meet new ones 6:30-7:45 pm: Talks + Panel discussion 7:50-8:10pm Networking and discussion Sponsor: Thanks to Origin Energy (https://www.originenergy.com.au/) for being our wonderful host and sponsor of the LTUX September meetup. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Your LTUX team :)

  • UX Mega Meetup

    Zendesk (Side Entrance)

    RSVP ON EVENTBRITE ONLY – Please follow this link to secure your spot: http://uxmegameetup.eventbrite.com/ UX Mega Meetup is back this year and we're not exaggerating that it is bigger than ever. Showcasing Melbourne in the same week as UX Australia this event will to give you a place to learn, share and connect. This year the Melbourne UX community sees 10 UX meetups unite to kick off the festivities at Mega Meetup 2018. Venues UX Mega Meetup is across two different venues with two different vibes: Love talks, activities and a vibrant atmosphere? There will be great crowd energy and lightning talks at Zendesk! You’ll be hearing from Amirul Nasir, Zoe Rose, Kira Eviston, SueSue Zhou, Farai Madzima and Benson Low before they lead you into some break out activities. More into conversations, ink illustrations and a relaxed atmosphere? Head down to CultureAmp. If you prefer catching up with industry peers and low key activities, make your way to CultureAmp where the noise level will remain at a gentle hum. More of an ambivert than an introvert or extrovert? If your moods shift during the night you’re free to move between the venues which are located 100 metres apart! Food & Drink We’ll be providing the food (thanks REA Group at Culture Amp!) including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free & FODMAP friendly options. UX Mega Meetup is an alcohol free event this year. You’re welcome to join us at the Mitre Tavern (located in Bank Place, across the road from Zendesk) after 8pm to continue the evening if you’re keen to mix your soda with something stronger. Sponsors UX Mega Meetup is sponsored by some wonderful companies: Culture Amp — Major Sponsor REA Group — Major Sponsor Zendesk — Venue Sponsor Thank you for your continued support of the Melbourne’s UX community!

  • LTUX Breakfast Meetup - Start with empathy!

    Intrepid Group

    For this month's breakfast event, we're partnering with Intrepid Group – the world's largest adventure tour company. Come and meet the UX team at Intrepid Group in their funky office, enjoy breakfast and hear Kat's talk about empathy. Our special guest speaker is Kat Bak, a queer, non-binary designer, illustrator and writer. There are many ways to work toward social change, here we'll talk about a few tips! Follow Kat on twitter: @butwhoiskat Schedule 7.30am: Doors open 7.30 - 8.00am: Breakfast served and networking 8.00 - 8.30am: Kat's talk and Q&A 8.30 - 9.00am: Continue networking. Feel free to leave whenever you need to get to work. Breakfast will be provided. Intrepid Group is passionate about the environment in reducing waste and requests attendees to bring their reusable cup along to help themselves to tea & coffee that will be supplied. On arrival, catch the lift up to Level 7 and turn left when exiting the lift. We'll greet you near the table tennis table. If you have any problems accessing the lift please speak to the building concierge who will be able to help. Sponsors: Thanks to Intrepid Group for being our wonderful host and sponsors of the July LTUX event. Your LTUX team! :)

  • Career trajectories - what a career in UX can look like and how to plan

    For our July 2018 edition of LTUX, we're partnering up with Webjet – Australia’s leading online travel agency. Webjet’s UX team invites you to check out their slick office, enjoy some pizza and drinks, and get some tips from Melbourne’s renowned Mags Hanley! About the talk: UX in Australia is still a relatively new profession. Many practitioners don’t know what opportunities are out there and how to move up, around and sideways in their career. Mags Hanley will talk about; * Different career paths in UX * The three skill sets every UXer should address in their career * How to work out what your path should be, and * How this applies to women in particular Speaker bio: Mags Hanley, UX Leadership Consultant Mags Hanley is an industry-leader in User Experience (UX). With her over 20 years in the business, she is a trusted advisor to her clients, and recognised expert in UX, particularly information architecture, in the US, UK and Australia. Her varied experience working client-side, in agencies and consultancies, brings concreteness to her coaching in the development and implementation of UX and digital strategy. She helps mid-level UXers progress to seniors; prepare seniors for their next challenge, and grows seniors into capable leaders. You can find her at @magshanley on Twitter or connect to her on LinkedIn. Schedule: 6:00 pm: Door open 6-6:30 pm: Greet old friends and meet new ones 6:30-7:15 pm: Mags talk + Q & A 7:15-8pm Networking and discussion Sponsor: Thanks to Webjet (https://www.webjet.com.au/) for being our wonderful host and sponsor of the LTUX July meetup. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Your LTUX team :)

  • Ladies That UX June Workshop

    RXP Services exprience hub

    Ideation at RXP Services in June! Come and join us at our next LTUX June event, this June we are featuring a workshop in partnership with RXP Services. Gillian Farley and Amritta Beckham will guide you through a hands-on workshop where get you will try out different ideation techniques. The session will introduce ideation, its value and explore different ideation techniques. You will then be given the opportunity to try each one out! A little about our workshop facilitators and presenters: Gillian Farley Gillian Farley is a Customer Experience designer who loves researching and designing creative solutions for customer problems. Her current role with RXP has her working at MYER, where she works across a range of digital projects. She has previously worked with a variety of companies across Europe and Australia including NAB, Australia Post, Coles and Visa. Amritta Beckham Amritta Beckham is a researcher and strategist with a strong passion for creating innovative products and experiences. Having worked in multiple innovation labs, Amritta loves to explore, shape and deliver new and market-leading opportunities in lean and agile environments. Agenda: 5:30 PM: Doors open 6:15 PM: Workshop kicks off 7:15 PM: Networking 8:00 PM: End of event Thanks to our friends from RXP Services for hosting our event!