What we're about

**THIS IS A GROUP FOR FEMALE IDENTIFIED PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE KIDS AND DO NOT WANT THEM. Please respect this our rights to a safe space as childfree women. If you have teenage or adult children, or are male identified, this group is not for you.**

Ladies With No Babies Inclusivity Statement:

We welcome trans women, genderqueer and non-binary individuals who most closely identify as women. If you feel you would belong here, welcome!

Is everyone around you having kids, left and right? Are you just not ready, don't have the "mom gene", or for other circumstances live a child-free life? This group is for you! Let's enjoy what San Diego has to offer. We don't have to worry about babysitters or the judgmental "you don't have/want kids???" Looks!

This group will be as good as its fabulous members, so please suggest outings and let's do this! If you have any ideas, please contact April and she'll be happy to make you an organizer. We have so many members, someone else will want to do what you're doing too!

This Meetup is currently free to join! To keep it open for everyone, please consider donating a few bucks via PayPal to SanDiegoLNB@gmail.com. All money collected goes into the care and feeding of this group.

Upcoming events (4+)

Top Gun

Needs a location

Inviting others who are behind on seeing this epic flick. Chose this theater for the $10 price, parking and seats.

Grease Movie Night on the Midway!

Needs a location



Calling all “Grease” Movie Fans! Don’t miss a very special showing of this famous film on the flight deck of the USS Midway. Come dressed in your fav 50’s attire and be prepared to “rock around the clock”.

Set your clocks now! Limited tickets go on sale on Tuesday, July 19 at 1pm.

More information: https://www.midway.org/exhibits-activities/special-days/grease-movie-night-2022/

Not sure what the food situation will be - says it's just movie concessions. Thought we could have an early dinner at Miguel's (sort of next door).

From the FAQs:

  • $25 for admission
  • Bring lightweight lawn chairs and small blankets. Seating will not be provided. Placement for your chairs and blankets will be first come/first serve.
  • All daytime museum guests must exit the ship at 5:00 pm. The museum will reopen at 6:30 pm only for those with a Grease movie night ticket.

Stroll around the San Diego Zoo!

Needs a location

Hello everyone! Let's go out and stroll around the Zoo and see some adorable animals! You need a pass to enter the park. Here's the website for more information: https://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/

Library Used Book Sale

Needs a location

The Friends of the San Diego Public Library will be hosting its next indoor book sale on Saturday, June 18 (9 AM – 3 PM) and Sunday, June 19 (12 - 3 PM) at the University Heights Branch Library (4193 Park Blvd).

There will be a large selection of books in all genres priced to sell!

Please note:

  • Masks may be required for all.
  • Stock will be replenished throughout the Saturday sale.
  • The Sunday sale will include the opportunity to buy books by the bag for those who have one of our special logo FSDPL book sale tote bags in any color(!); some of these bags will also be available for purchase.

I usually volunteer to work the the cash register on Sunday, so be sure to say hi!

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Birch Aquarium! 🐧🐠🐙🥰

Needs a location

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