Back to school, back to reality....are you really going to find your true love?

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ETNA Community Centre

13 Rosslyn Road, TW1 2AR · Twickenham

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A lot of women ask me where to go to meet men. My answer is probably not what you'd expect. I’ll tell you but first I want to ask you…...

Are you fed up with being single? Do you keep turning those corners hoping this time it’ll be ‘Mr right for you’, only to find out yet again that he isn’t, so you just pick yourself up and keep trying?

A lot of women I work with tell themselves that all the decent men have been taken and can’t be bothered to meet anyone. Some are just at a loss as to why they haven’t met their soul mate. Conversely there are women that know why they haven’t and don’t how to get themselves out of their particular problem. Tragically deep down, all of them really just want someone to love them. Just as we all do, and why not, it’s a natural human need to love and be loved.

Some ladies effortlessly meet men and have wonderful relationships, so if they can why haven't you? Well, there’s no difference between you and them, you are equally as deserving to be happy but there could be something getting in the way, that thing you can’t quite put your finger on; something that your unconscious already knows and you just need to be consciously aware of..... Imagine having a powerful new way of knowing yourself. What would your life be like if you did?

Do you want to make positive, life altering changes? Are you absolutely ready to have a real and loving relationship? If you really, really are, then I can effectively help you on your path to True Love.

I am Vivien, a Linguistics Psychology coach and therapist. I work with single women just like you, helping them remove their barriers to find lasting and respectful love. I used to make all the mistakes that a lot of people make when trying to meet the right man but kept drawing in the wrong ones and continually thought I’d never meet a loving man. But something changed and because I had done my ‘inner work’ I found that I had plenty of choices of decent potential partners, almost unbelievable.

Just as I have done with lots of lovely ladies, I want to share these changes with you, so that you can start your own journey to true happiness. Imagine what that would be like? No more having to pretend to your friends that you are quite happy being single, telling them who needs a man anyway?! Just picture yourself with your ideal man, how amazing would that feel?

This workshop will get you moving in the right direction to love.
As soon as you sign up to reserve your place for this essential event, straight away you will receive something particularly useful that will start the change process. Everyone that has attended these sessions always enjoys it and gets something out of it. Here is some feedback from previous attendees:-
“I am thinking about things from a different perspective”
“there was a real sense of communication amongst the girls in the room”
“it was interesting hearing myself”
“I loved the simple and effective exercises”

Think about how you would feel if you never found your soul mate? What would it be like if it took years for you to do the necessary inner work and even then you missed out because you still hadn’t identified that elusive problem, the one that is stopping you draw in the right person?

Are you going to make changes now or later? Come to this workshop to find out how you can vastly improve your love life. You really should discover for yourself how you are able to help your Self, attract the love of your life.
By the end of the evening you will have a significantly better idea of where to go to meet men and how to attract the right one for you. Sign up for the workshop and lets get started…Now!

Looking forward to seeing you there ☺

Vivien Louise :)

Ps. I haven’t forgotten; as promised here’s my answer to that popular question, ‘where do I go to meet men?’ My answer is …..anywhere and everywhere! Once you have properly aligned your unconscious then you are in the right place to simply attract the love of your life. Join us to find out how.