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This group is for African Women living in Georgia who are interested in meeting and making long lasting friendships with other African women living in Georgia. Whether you were born in Africa or are 1st, 2nd etc. generation, you are welcome to join us. We also welcome our sisters from the Caribbean and any other women of African descent. The mission of this group is to provide a safe space for African women to connect, build long lasting friendships, explore Georgia (and maybe the country and world), all while have as much fun as possible along the way. We usually meet once to twice and month and mostly on the weekends.

So, if are ready to make new friends, have fun times, establish a network of support and build a great community, please join us!

Group Rules:

1. Meetups only work when people actually meetup. Therefore, no flaking will be allowed. Please show up to an event if you RSVP as Yes to one. Several reminders to update RSVPs from Yes to No are sent prior to any meetup. Therefore, anyone who RSVPs to an event as Yes and doesn't show up will be removed from the group IMMEDIATELY - NO EXCEPTIONS. This rule had to be enforced due to several No Shows occurring in the past.

2. All RSVPs are required to be updated and finalized (from Yes to No and vice versa ) at least 3 hrs before the meetup starts. Updating your RSVP after this time will be considered a No show and will result in removal from the group.

3. Meetups with less than two attedees/RSVPs will be automatically canceled at least 24 hrs before the event. Attendees will be notified prior to the cancellation of the event.

4. All members are required to attend at least one meetup every 6 months in order to aid in developing and nurturing friendships and relationships (and so that we don't forget each other) :).

5. All members are required to visit our meetup page at least once every 6 months. This will indicate that you are still an active participant in the meetup. Since the meetup will be kept small, inactive members who do not visit the page at least once every 6 months will be removed from the group to make room for active members.

6. Posts that are placed on the discussion board are sent to EVERYONE the group. Please post to the board only when necessary. Members who constantly put posts on the discussion board unnecessarily or post anything inappropriate/negative on the board will be removed from the group. Members who have questions/concerns about an event should message the organizer/s directly or comment under the event's page (not on the discussion board).

7. Have fun :)

Important Notes: The organizers of this meetup group are volunteers and are not subject to any requirements, demands, or expectations from any meetup members. The Organizers and the Ladies of Africa United meetup group are also not responsible for any of the meetup members' actions, safety, happiness or wellbeing at the group's meetups. All members who attend meetups are solely responsible for themselves and should come prepared as needed to all meetups. Lastly, meetups are subject to be modified or canceled at the organizers' discretion. We recommend that all members turn on their push notifications and check our page often in order to remain up to date on any meetup changes or cancelations. Suggestions for future meetups are always welcome.

Thanks again for your interest in this meetup group. We look forward to meeting all of you!

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