• Serverless Microservices are the New Black

    Federation House

    Hi everyone, We'd like to welcome you to our first event of this year. The event will be taking place in ThoughtWorks' brand new office in Federation House. The talk: Microservices are a great way to build modern, event-driven applications. Come to this session and find out how serverless technology can serve as a solid basis of a microservice. With scalability baked in and a shallow learning curve for developers, these modern platforms are an excellent fit for all your API needs including microservices. Come and learn how to adapt your existing knowledge to build excellent microservices from Serverless platforms such as Apache OpenWhisk and allied technologies like API Gateway. This session is recommended for developers of all levels. The speaker: Lorna is based in over the hills in Huddersfield; she is a Developer Advocate with IBM Watson Data Platform, a published author and experienced conference speaker. She brings her technical expertise on a range of topics to audiences all over the world with her writing and speaking engagements, always delivered with a very practical slant. In her spare time, Lorna blogs at http://lornajane.net. Food and drinks will be provided.

  • Lantern - an artistic IoT Lighting Project

    Federation House

    Hi everyone, We'd like to welcome you to our next event, in collaboration with Manchester Geek Nights. We'll hear a story about some experiments in the IoT field and taking a project through designing, tinkering and prototyping phases. The event will be taking place in ThoughtWorks' brand new office in Federation House. The Talk: Bored with building CRUD apps? Tired of arguments on which *.JS framework to use? Never quite finishing those little pet projects? Having spent years half finishing personal blogs and mini-websites, James decided to dedicate some of his spare time to experimenting with an IoT project with little value with an aim to actually finish something, (and learn about the practicalities of an IoT application). Lantern is an IoT experiment taken that little bit too far and in this talk James will talk about taking technology tinkering, prototyping and experimentation back to its roots. Though the designing, hacking and prototyping a project from solder to server and share some of discoveries along the way. The Speaker: James is a senior UI developer, and part time tinkerer at ThoughtWorks with over 10 years experience of not finishing personal projects. Working as a Developer, BA and UX, James is passionate about creating new and unique user interactions that are novel, interesting, exciting and occasionally deliver value. As usual, food and drinks will be provided. Live streaming - TBC

  • From AI to robots, from apps to wearables - let's design for everyone, OK?

    Ladies of code are very excited to be able to announce a great talk and a great guest for our September meetup - From AI to robots, from apps to wearables - let's design for everyone, OK? Robin Christopherson, of the leading UK inclusive tech experts AbilityNet, will thoroughly and wonderfully blast away any preconceptions you may have about the potential of technology to help everyone. Being blind himself he provides us with an excellent first-hand example of the choices we can provide for all our customers and users if we simply design with an eye for inclusion. Robin will be talking about (but more importantly demonstrating) the truly empowering nature of technology. From AI to robots, from apps to wearables he'll be showing how inclusive technology has the power to change and even transform people's lives regardless of ability or environment. Will you be part of the Everybody Technology future? To include: • Demonstrations of a range of apps and technologies people with disabilities find useful - including what Robin uses that enables him to be independent and enjoy the successful career that he does • An overview of key accessibility issues and why accessibility is important • Various illustrations of why, with the advent of mobile computing, accessibility is no longer a specialist requirement The meet-up will be hosted at Sage UK on the evening of 19th of September 6:30-8:30. Refreshments will be provided by Sage. Parking is available. It is worth mentioning for anyone with pet allergies that Robin’s guide dog will be with him.

  • From idea to minimum viable product & test-driven novel writing

    ThoughtWorks Manchester

    Hello everyone, Join us this June for two inspiring talks! Chi-chi Ekweozor Wondered what it's like to build a web service to solve a problem you have? What constitutes a minimum viable product? And when it's built, how do people find out about it? Does any one care? Chi-chi Ekweozor (https://twitter.com/thisischichi?lang=en) is a social media marketer turned front end developer and software engineer. A little over a year ago she decided to tackle the problem of getting questions from an audience up on a screen during a Q&A session and ended up creating Assenty, an interactive platform for asking and answering questions in real-time. She shares her journey from back of a napkin idea to minimum viable product, and the obvious and not-so-obvious pitfalls she encountered along the way. Clare Sudbery Clare has been having a lot of fun lately with the following experiment: writing a novel via unit tests and C# code. She is a published novelist as well as an experienced software developer, and has really enjoyed combining her two favourite occupations in this way. Clare Sudbery (https://twitter.com/claresudbery?lang=en) is a senior consultant developer at ThoughtWorks, who was once a high school maths teacher. Six years ago she returned to IT with a sigh of relief after failing to convince stroppy teenagers that maths is fun. Since then she has embraced all things XP ("Extreme Programming") and still has to pinch herself to believe she could earn a living from having fun, solving puzzles and sharing the XP love. She blogs about maths, women in tech and other geeky stuff here: https://medium.com/a-woman-in-technology Looking forward to seeing you there, Laura, Danielle & Ann

  • TDD Kata

    ThoughtWorks Manchester

    Hello everyone, Ladies of Code would like to invite you to a hands on coding session on the 22nd of March. You may have heard the term Test Driven Development or even seen a talk on why you should be doing TDD. This session is a hands on introduction to TDD using Node.js to complete the String Calculator Kata. No knowledge of Node.js is required, it’s all about the approach and following the Red, Green, Refactor method. Kirsty Tidmarsh (https://twitter.com/KAnnUK) is a Senior Software Engineer at the Department for Work and Pensions and over the last 6 months she has been running Katas across different sites within the DWP, in both Java and Node.js. The aim has been to improve the capability of their Software Engineering community and get all of the Software Engineers at each site working together to solve a problem using the TDD approach. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • #refactuary

    Sage Manchester

    Happy New Year and Ladies of Code Manchester are back for 2017 with #refactuary Our first meet-up of 2017 tackles career changes into the tech industry. It's the time of year when we all take stock of ourselves and resolve to make change for the better. Maybe it's a diet, it’s relationships, that hobby you didn't get round to and one of the most significant is thinking about changing your career. A career in tech can sometimes be seen as unattainable especially if you having trained or worked in a related field - however that isn't necessarily the case and for our first meet-up this year we are hosting a fireside chat with a great line-up of speakers who have made that transition. Here are our speakers • Anna Smith : I previously worked as a criminal defence lawyer before making the difficult decision, following an introduction to coding and the wider tech community via CodeFirst:Girls, to transition into a new career. I have recently graduated from Makers Academy, a London-based coding bootcamp, and have now started working in my new position as a Junior Software Engineer at the BBC. • Jeremy Coates : I’m the CEO at Magma Digital and founded the company, part-time, back in 1999, while I was still working in the NHS as an Occupational Therapist, specialising in Mental Health Services. That background has given me a unique perspective on people and the skill-set gained as a therapist is utilised every day with Staff & Clients, rather than with patients. I class myself as a geek and enjoy still working alongside the team, at least two days per week, as a software engineer. • Sarah Briscoe : a 24 year old Software Developer from Manchester. I graduated from the University of Warwick in 2014 with a Psychology degree, after which I was lucky enough to be taken on as an intern at Apadmi in Media City where I have been working for the past 2 1/2 years. I had a very limited knowledge of development when I began, but since then I have been promoted to Junior Developer and am now working on large projects for our customers full time, specialising in web and server development. • Alyn Hilsden : I’m a Software Engineer at Magma Digital, having been a Web Developer for a digital agency a year previously. I’m unsure how to categorise my background prior to this, but it has variously involved: Graduating in history, TEFL teaching, caring for my Gran, admin work, enduring ‘self-employment’, and being a hobbyist musician. • Jen Cockerill : I have been a Software Engineer with Magma Digital Ltd for almost 4 years. I had previously worked in the Financial Services sector, dealing with customers on a regular basis before applying and attending university, which led to my career change in Software Development. The meet-up will be hosted by the lovely people at Sage UK on the evening of 17th January at 6:30-8:30. For our members who may think this is not for them then we’d encourage you to still come along and bring a friend who is maybe thinking about a change in career. You can now register on Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/refactuary-tickets-31022639550?aff=Twitter) as well! Why #refactuary Refactoring is a developer term “Code refactoring is the process of restructuring existing computer code—changing the factoring—without changing its external behaviour. Refactoring improves nonfunctional attributes of the software” So you don’t have to change who you are to take up a career in tech but you can use your existing skills and find there are surprising side benefits to moving into a career tech, whether that be salary, flexible working, meeting new people and picking up new skills.

  • Celebrating Ada - Mob Programming

    Auto Trader

    The Speaker: Clare Sudbery is a senior software engineer at LateRooms.com. She has 17 years of software engineering experience, but in the last ten years she has also spent time as a full time novelist and a secondary school maths teacher. She loves coding, teaching, writing and mentoring, but has trouble persuading stroppy teenagers that maths is fun. She is on a mission to awaken the inner geek in clever women everywhere. The Talk: Clare and her team have been experimenting with mob programming since January of this year. Mob programming is an extreme version of pair programming, where the whole team work on one problem, around one computer. It has been an interesting journey, and is potentially a technique which can help to smash barriers, increase diversity and increase the confidence of team members who might otherwise be overlooked.

  • Offline First Development

    ThoughtWorks Manchester

    Following your vote on the next topic, Ladies of Code brings you a talk on Offline First Development. Native and web app users are looking for 100% uptime so they get an always-on experience. However reliable your infrastructure, your service will appear to be offline if network connectivity is unavailable or flaky. This is where offline-first development comes in; making your service work even when there is no network connectivity. Find out how to build always-on websites and apps using free, open-source technology. Our speaker will be Glynn Bird (http://loc.cmail19.com/t/i-i-klgduk-l-u/). Glynn started building sensors and control & instrumentation systems for the steel industry. He then became a web developer, building CRM systems, search technology and telephony automation for a business directory service. He is now a Developer Advocate at IBM Cloud Data Services. Thank you to our sponsors ThoughtWorks for hosting us in their newly refurbished offices. As usual, food and drinks will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there! Laura

  • [Summer Social] We made it to 500 members!


    A big thank you to all our members in helping us reach this milestone! Please join us for the celebrations... Tweet us (https://twitter.com/ladiesofcode) and help spread the word.. Thanks, Ann, Danielle (https://twitter.com/MrsDHW), Laura (https://twitter.com/lauraionescu1) & Tanvi (https://twitter.com/TanviSethi)