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We are all important, each one of us, thus "importance" part of the name! Our thoughts and our ideas matter. Sharing and caring about each other makes the world a better place!

If you want to grow intellectually, personally and spiritually this may be for you. If you want to laugh, ponder and share, this may be for you. If you want to meet other ladies who feel the same, this may be for you. We'll meet for conversation and maybe a guided activity having to do with personal growth, each meeting is different.

• We can be happy most often in our lives.

• We can be filled with joy.

• We can live in the moment more often.

Life goes by very quickly. Let's make the most of it.

How L.O.I Began...

The title of our group, "Ladies of Importance" was coined by my older sister Marcy soon after I received my birthday have meaningful and inspiring get-togethers with my sisters for all of our birthdays each and every year. After our first get-together for my birthday my sister Marcy wrote us..."Dear Ladies of Importance, our dinner was beautiful and magical and I look forward to see both of you..." And so the name "Ladies of Importance" stuck.

That was a decade ago. Since that time we decided to include our mom, a few years later, and the four of us meet for dinner for each of our birthdays.

The only two rules are:

1. The birthday girl gets to pick the place

2. Conversation will be meaningful, thought proking and inspiring.

It's a time to dig deep and share who we really are down deep.

Through the original Ladies of Importance I started another group of L.O.I. including friends and business associates. I picked women I thought would benefit from the special get togethers and women who were on a path of positive change and growth. Those get togethers started about seven years ago and were/are wonderful. The women leave our time together feeling like they really connected on a deeper level and have a better understanding of themselves and others.

After a few years of that I saw the positive changes these structured get-togethers were making and thought...why not open it up to women I don't know? Thus, The Ladies of Importance here born.

Each get together is structured in a fashion to promote personal growth, inspire and share thought-provoking conversation. Each meeting I remind everyone that "if we all come from a place of love for ourselves and for each other then positive change and deep connections will happen." It is truly a safe, deepening and joyful place for personal/group empowerment.

If you can come please RSVP on our meet up page. (The cost typically is $10.00 per person but please look at the calendar description of the ones you want to go to to confirm the cost.) BUT that said if the cost is a hardship, pay what you can for a meeting or meditation. Do note that this is not a non-profit organization. I have expenses of running a small, office expenses, etc...but I don't want someone NOT coming because they can't afford it.

Ladies of Importance meet up is part of Mindful Spirit, my small business, where my mission is to lend a hand to others on their journey of growth in mind, body and spirit.

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Always in love,

Sandy Kamen Wisniewski

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