What we're about

We are an established group of first time activists that formed a PAC in 2018. We meet once or twice a month in San Francisco to strategize around the federal elections. Leading up to 2018 we worked on swinging CA-10 in the central valley from Republican to Democrat. Success!

This Meetup group was created to help get the word out about our events and to bring in new members. It's not a Meetup group in the traditional sense of gathering informally every so often. We have a core group of people that show up and work on strategy. We're always looking for more people so if you'd like to get more involved with organizing please come out to an event and introduce yourself!

We are women who have cultivated our talents in diverse industries and functions. And we have been awakened to our capacity to effectively drive positive, progressive change in our country.

We work in support of women, families, immigrants, the environment, science, civil liberties, equality, and democracy. We reject the racist, misogynist, fascist, fear-based policies set forth by the current administration and their Republican allies.

We will support progressive causes, engage in direct action, and enable others like us to join in political activism.

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September Debate Watch Party!

Poll Everywhere

Primary Debate Bingo - Watch Party!

Poll Everywhere

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