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Hi ladies!

This group is ideal for women who are time-poor and want to be able to drop in to social meetups with like minded individuals at similar stages in their lives.

Many women I know struggle with the same problem as they hit their mid-twenties/ thirties with most of their social network spread out all over the country. Many of us have moved from our hometowns, friends are scattered all over the place and long working hours make it pretty difficult to commit to 'hobbies'.

This Surrey-based member's group is designed to be low maintenance but there when you want it, as and when you are free.

The group is always open to suggestions for things to do, but will start on the basis of all things from fitness (runs, yoga, walks, gym sessions, dance classes) to coffee catch ups, new lunch venues, as well as golf, film, fashion and career conversations/ networking.

If you have any hobbies or passions we could incorporate that you would like to share or teach us - we would be thrilled! It will hopefully be a great way for us to take a moment out of our busy lives; put the world to rights; share hobbies and skills; network and basically just enjoy those odd free evenings and weekends we have while in the company of some amazing women!


Kindly Note:

- Please ensure first names and photos are included on your profiles for membership consideration

- We hope that this group will be full of fun, enthusiastic members, please contribute and RSVP where reasonable. It can be daunting attending an event for the first time - but please don't be nervous. The meetups are low-key and filled with genuinely amazing, friendly women.

- While we welcome women of any age to join, typical member ages will range between 25 - 35 years

- Most of the meetups will be free, but to accommodate any charged events or visiting speakers / experts, some of the meetups may involve a small fee or deposit. Charged events include things such as theatre visits, cinema, lectures, exercise classes etc. Any fees will of course be communicated well in advance.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Thanks and enjoy!

Upcoming events (3)

ROCK CLIMBING 🧗‍♂️ at Surrey sports center!

Surrey Sports Park

Have you ever thought about trying rock climbing 🤔? Why not give it a go with a bunch of strangers who will soon become your friends to have more adventures with in the future? After the activity, we can recharge at Starbucks with a nice cup of coffee and a piece of cake! Join me for 60mins of rock climbing exercise that will leave you full of stamina and wanting to do again, it's a lot of fun! Cost per person £17.50. If there's a big interest in this activity I will book a slot as the minimum people is only 4.

Chocolate Unpacked

Origin Coffee Roasters


Looking Beyond the Chocolate Wrapper (£12) Delve further into the ingredients and processes which go into making chocolate. Learn about cacao percentages, the effect on taste and how to read the bar labels to confidently explore the fine world of chocolate.

Chocolate and coffee tasting

Origin Coffee Roasters


Chocolate and Coffee Tasting A chocolate and coffee tasting journey to countries of origin, exploring how taste differs between regions and producers. We will taste and get to know the potential within a single origin and understand how local varieties and flavours are showcased.

Past events (61)

Beautiful Bakery Brunch at the Richmond Hill Bakery!

Richmond Hill Bakery

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