#SkillShare: UXer-to-UXer skills swapsies


Drinks, snacks and women sharing useful UX skills in a super safe space: say hello to our penultimate event of the year and it’s a good one.

This month's event is kindly hosted by Dyson. https://www.dyson.co.uk

---How we set up peer2peer learning---

First up, Amy Lobé from Dyson will be telling us all about their brilliant new Peer2Peer learning. Then we’ll be putting skills sharing into practice with interactive sessions.

----About Amy----

Amy Lobé is allergic to learning. At least that's a fun way to tell people she has a learning disability. Her brain also likes to suffer with imposter syndrome. Listen to the story behind a global, free, peer to peer learning network. All run by volunteers inside one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Learn how it's done and get some tips to share in your organisation.

----Interactive sessions----

----Interactive session 1: Ajara pfannenschmidt leads Zen and the Art of Mindful Maintenance – A contemplation on Response vs Reaction----

In all our interactions with the world around us - no matter if at work or in private - we encounter situations which trigger something within us.
We then have the choice of either react or respond to the situation. What is our preferred path? How conscious are we when we take this decision? Let’s explore.

----About Ajara----

Ajara has been designing digital and analog products for over twenty years. As a freelance interdisciplinary Web Craftswoman she is collaborating with businesses of all sizes to support growth and expansion on all levels.

• More Interactive sessions to be confirmed in coming days.

• No pressure to bring a skill to swap. Just enjoy, learn and have fun.

This months event will have a strict rsvp cut off 24 hours before the event.