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We are in it together & Innovation adoption workshop
This meetup we will have two speakers: Bas Niemansverdriet will give a presentation called "We are in it together" and one of our own organizers, Paulina Meraza Farfan will give an Innovation adoption workshop. :: We are in it together:: Everything for the new website or app is ready. Breathtaking design, the functionality is running smoothly, the user journey seems logical. It’s time to put the content in place. Out with the lorem ipsum and in with the real content. Suddenly the design and all aren’t that amazing. It all doesn’t seem to work. Yes, it’s the content. And no it’s not only the content’s fault. Why does content end up as last in the process? "I think content is not perceived right." says Bas Niemansverdriet, a freelance Content Strategist and loyal LTUX member. Bas will show you why and how you can work together from the early start so you can make a better experience were the content works (better). Bas Niemansverdriet works as Content Manager and Content Strategist mainly for (semi) governmental organisations. Services can be hard to understand and use. It is his mission to make complicated things easy to use. Writing clear and concise and avoid the use of jargon is one part, the last part. "To create content guiding people to use the service I ask a lot of questions. To better understand who is going to use it and what they need. UX methods help me to discover and support my team how to move forward." :: Innovation adoption workshop :: In this short workshop, Paulina Meraza, UX researcher and strategic designer will take us through a playful workshop based on the 'Innovation Diffusion Game'. We will explore what makes an innovation successful. Regardless of whether the innovation is a product, a slang word or an idea, the rate at which it gets adopted reckon on a clear spreading strategy and momentum. Change often requires more than a good idea to make a sustainable impact. During the workshop, we will map and play the role of the main change influencing actors to understand how social dynamics help our projects or ideas to take off. This may also help you to demonstrate the benefits of UX-practices to your team or organisation. Paulina Meraza Farfan is a UX researcher at ING. Currently, her focus is on behaviour change and cybersecurity. Before coming to The Netherlands, she worked as a product designer in Mexico. After her study, Strategic Product Design (MSc) at Delft University of Technology, she worked on Augmented Reality experiences at the Inflight Innovation department at KLM. She is interested in human behaviour and the use of new technologies. The program of the evening is: 18:30 - Doors open 19:00 - Welcome by LTUX and Kaliber 19:15 - We are in it together by Bas Niemansverdriet 20.00 - Cultural change strategy workshop by Paulina Meraza Farfan 21:00 - Drinks and good conversation This meetup is hosted by Kaliber Interactive - Making sense for future-proof brands. Kaliber Interactive embraces strategy, creativity, and technology to create interactive experiences for web, mobile and physical spaces. People at Kaliber Interactive are blessed with a quality they call “Ontdekkingsdrift”. It’s a Dutch word (they invented themselves) to express the urge to discover the unknown. In their Innovation Lab they experiment with crossovers between the physical and the digital, art and gaming, health and well-being. To do good, to have fun, but above all to learn and really understand the challenges and opportunities for brands in this interactive era. Address: Orteliuslaan 875, 3528 BA Utrecht There is parking available on the premises. Public transportation: From Utrecht Central Station to Kaliber Interactive, Take the +/- 15-minute route via Bus lines 9, 102 or 107. All stopping at bus stop Papendorp Noord (a 1-minute walk from Kaliber) Accessibility: There is an elevator from the parking to the office floor.

Kaliber Interactive

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