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If you're close to your mid-30's/early-40's and you sometimes feel like your pool of "women-available-to-create-new-friendships-and-bond-with" has been thoroughly picked through, or feel like your significant other might finally throw sand in your face if you state one more time how hard it is to make friends as an adult transplant....this group is for me. I mean you. This group is for us :) I started this group for all the ladies who know the struggle of maintaining a social life in your 30's and 40's as your friends are plucked up by parenthood. Book clubs, ski trips, hikes, nights on the town....the possibilities are endless :)


As this group continues to flourish and grow, I'd like to establish some guidelines so there is general understanding of group demographics and expectations.

First, please do not sign up if you have kids...of any age. Seriously. While becoming a parent doesn't mean I don't think you're an awesome, fun, wonderful woman deserving of friendship and deep connection....it does mean that this space isn't for you if you are a parent..of a human. Of any age. This includes adoption, step-children, and foster children. Fur babies are okay :)

1. CANCELLATION/ATTENDANCE POLICY AS OF 05/21- While I completely understand that life happens and sometimes plans change, we will continue to hold firm on our cancellation policy. Last minute cancellations (cancelling the day prior to an event) and no-shows prevent others from attending events, cause events taking place only half full, and create a lot of extra work for your hard-working hosts who coordinate events out of the goodness of their hearts.

This doubly stinks both for the venue hosting us as well as the members of the group who would have come otherwise. So please be advised of the following:

*2 last minute/11th hour cancellations (changes made less than 1 day prior to the event), will result in automatic placement on a waiting list for future events.

*2 no-shows or same day cancellations will result in removal from the group.

I am a pretty understanding individual. If things happen in your life and you're no longer able to make it to something, update your status and leave a note. Things come up, I get it. However, if "things" seem to "come up" within 24-48 hours of an event you've RSVP'd to more than once or twice...I'm on to you ;) And you're going to get wait listed or booted. Sorry, not sorry. But seriously... inconsistent RSVP/attendance ratings will mean we'll have to have a chat and you may be removed from the group.


Okay, so clearly I suck at making BOOK CLUB a thing! I'm keeping the list the same in case anyone is actually reading these (after 6 months I'm *almost* done with book #1). I'm working to find some good public spaces for hosting book club. Please know I haven't forgotten and am doing my best to find a space and time for us to meet!

If anyone else is like me, you like multiple genres. You enjoy long, thoughtful sagas, easy beach reads, history, current events, great characters, and a good conversation to follow! You may also want to read slowly or read two books at once. Based on the books I already own, am interested in, and of course group feedback from our previous book club chat, I'm going to make an ambitious 6-8 month plan for Book Club! The point is give everyone time to plan ahead so we can maximize participation. I'd like to plan to host two different discussion groups for each book to ensure that the max number of people can attend. If you are interested in being a book club admin to help facilitate book club meetups in your part of town, let me know. The order below is tentative and open to change based on interest/group preferences. Feel free to chime in the comments which of these you're excited/interested in reading. So, without further ado, here is the current reading list!

1. The Time in Between, Marie Duenas

2. Queenie, Candice Carty-Williams

3. Gentleman In Moscow, Amor Towles

4. Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari

5. The Book of Unknown Americans, Cristina Henriquez

6. 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, Charles C. Mann

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Brunch at the Bindery

The Bindery

Come join us for Saturday Brunch at the Bindery. Our reservation is on the patio, so please dress for the weather. Please make sure to keep your reservations updated per our Attendance policy.


According to Denver's Westworld - "No other brunch in town is as much a reflection of its chef's underlying philosophy as Linda Hampsten Fox's thoughtful and inspiring weekend creations at the Bindery. Her ability to combine multiple disparate ingredients from Mexico, the Mediterranean and the U.S. seems nearly effortless, but years of cooking abroad, combined with the gusto inherited from her food-loving Polish-American family, inform each bite. You'll wish you were wearing white linen pajamas as you start breakfast with a croissant and brûléed grapefruit or berries with beignets. But there's heartier stuff here, too, whether a rare Dutch baby (even better than a pancake), a three-egg omelet with kielbasa and lemon-poppyseed goat cheese, or "hunter's eggs" served over angel-hair pasta. Dishes change with the seasons, but the menu always reads like a series of culinary haiku."

Humming with activity from early morning to bedtime, this ambitious yet welcoming café, bakery, and restaurant in a former book bindery plays the part of a neighborly hangout throughout the day. High ceilings, white walls, large windows, and lots of space make for an atmospheric, streamlined dining room bordered from one end to the other by the exhibition kitchen, bar, and market area.

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Corn Maze at Chatfield Farms (Denver Botanic Gardens)

Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms

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