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We had a great time at our Ethiopian late-lunch last week! As such, we will continue with another low-key (aka: Less than 15 members or so event) as they seem to be better for mingling and making new friends. Which is in the end what we all want!

So what exactly are we heading to?

We are going to Big Sushi, check reviews here (

This is a likeable, local and casual 'sushi' place along the lines of Sushi on Bloor and New Generation Sushi. Except they just serve, you know, bigger sushi. ;-)

Here are some quick notes:

* What to order? Their menu is here ( Personally I might for one of their lunch specials.

* We are eating a la carte, unlike last week, so we are paying for what we consume, and eating on our own individuals plates. Germ-o-phobes welcome!

* Likely and as always, I will ask around, we might go for a quick early night cap to mingle some more. So feel free to be a bit free after our meal. But we will play it by ear.

* Whether paying cash or credit, please bring $3 in cash. I can also take credit cards at $3.25 a pop.

Lastly, I am expecting this to be a smaller meetup, so please, ONLY RSVP if you are certain you are coming. Smaller groups get more affected by people who bail out so please be mindful of other members. If you are no-show or cancel, say about an hour before, you will be removed you off the group.

So, let's go have a some a great afternoon and remember to come hungry!


Your Organizer

PS:. For those on a different culinary wavelength. I have been looking into us possibly going to likely an Izakaya or to Teppan Kenta, if you don't feel like having sushi this week. But if you are like me who enjoys having more raw fish than less then I am sure you will be clearing up your schedule for this one.

PPS:. We need at least 8 members to make this event happen, if not, then it might be re-scheduled.

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