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Ongoing Dungeon World: Chaos in Fernother
(Second session in an ongoing Dungeon World campaign-new players still welcome!) Last session our party took a respite while journeying to the Festival of Mihr. They arrived in Little Bavington hoping for celebration and a much needed vacation, but were instead met with an eerie funeral and a town in crisis. Priestess Elamè petitioned the adventurers to save her town from strange and murderous monsters, but before the group could gather more information they were attacked in the night by giants rats and hideous frogmen (who could have seen that coming?!) Will the coming dawn illuminate hope or horror?

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We focus on creating a fun and friendly way for women to join RPGs and similar games regardless of experience levels. The only prerequisite for joining the Lady Monster-Slaying Society is that you are ready to... SLAY SOME MONSTERS!

The LMSS is a diverse bunch of misfits who currently have several ongoing D&D 4E campaigns that meet at Red Castle Games. We also have at least one other non-D&D meetup every month. May 2013 featured a Euro Game gathering and Lady Monster-Slayer-aoke party! We'd like to see some non-D&D games organized too! Can you help?

Our organizers came together with the hope that with enough blood, sweat, tears (ie: lots of personal time and money spent), we could create the kind of community that we have always wanted to exist for Ladies that like to slay monsters. That is positive and welcoming. We are gamer geeks, just like you!

Please join us if ANY of the below sound like you -

- You are a (friendly) GM/DM or experienced player and looking for minions.

- You have always been RPG curious (maybe you experimented in your youth, and have thought about finding more people like you). We are your people!

- You are an experienced player who wants to find a new group of people to play with. And, are excited about the opportunity to share what you know.

- You want a place to host a calendar for a lady-friendly game with the option to open seats to other awesome people when you have a missing adventurer.

- You are a lady who likes to slay monsters, or anyone else who is open to female energy games and who will be ok with the fact that the many of our events are women only.

- You play video game RPGs way too much and want to do something similar, but with humans face-to-face, whether you have the exp or not.

For the DUDES MONSTER SLAYERS OUT THERE - Just to reiterate - you are welcome to join us, especially if you want to start or join female-friendly campaigns or encounters and don't mind letting us keep some gatherings female-only. Just keep in mind: Comments like "You can be the cheerleader," or "I shall defend your honor" may be your attempt to flatter, but will most likely be taken as old fashioned sexism - this type of comment insinuate ladies are only good for standing in the sidelines looking cute, and not for kicking ass. We like to kick ass. We like to kick ass - with fun and respectful dudes!

Also - we take RSVPs seriously because you are reserving a seat that someone else may be dying for (or hoping to not die for, if the GM is nice enough). If you miss two events that you RSVP "yes" to without updating your RSVP to "no" within a reasonable amount of time in advance you will be booted back to your village and stripped of your Monster-Slaying title. Just don't be a jerk - easy!

Lastly for the Ladies only - we are an RPG focused spin-off of the "Portland Women's Gaming Group" & the "Gals and Games" Meetup groups who play mostly Euros. If you have interest in other types of games (Euro or otherwise), you should check them out too. Gals and Games is particularly great for learning new Euros.

Let's Slay!!

Oh! And artwork is by our talented co-founder Heather P! Check her out:

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