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Ladyboss Wellness (formerly Ladyboss Confessions) is an intimate group for female entrepreneurs who are interested in or are currently building a business in the health and wellness industry. We are all working to create a positive impact on our society through our initiatives. Both current and aspiring entrepreneurs are welcomed to get insight and inspiration from our community and share their knowledge with one another.

Male entrepreneurs who support women in business are also welcome. Our name "Ladyboss
" represents the movement towards encouraging women to start and run businesses while having a family and other responsibilities that have previously kept many women from seeing entrepreneurship as a suitable career path.


We believe in impact-driven purposeful business. We value sustainable businesses that have a strong mission to empower others, are environmentally conscious and make our world better off than we met it. Respect for one another in the group is important and we appreciate diverse thinkers and constructive feedback. We are respectful of one other and value the collective impact we can make by sharing supporting each other in our business.


We are committed to organizing and hosting monthly events targeted to professionals who are interested in finding natural solutions to common health issues and being empowered to take care of their health and wellness at home. Our focus is on 100% pure certified therapeutic grade solutions that have published test results because so many solutions claim to be "pure" but have no tests to prove it.

We empower others to live a health and wellness lifestyle through our workshops, webinars, and events.


We are a global community committed to living a more wholesome health and wellness lifestyle and helping others to do the same through the brands we support and through the global wellness business opportunity we advocate for.

Here you will find the following opportunities:

*Natural Solutions Opportunities*

- learn about natural solutions to common health issues

- reduce your toxic load by making small changes to your household and personal care products

- manage and restore emotional and mental balance

- stay committed to a 90-day wellness plan with an accountability team

*Business Building Opportunities*

- join a global wellness team of mentors committed to developing your entrepreneurial skills in our business

- start a wellness business of your own and create residual income based on your personal goals

- learn how to present, close and sell a product that makes a positive impact on the lives of poor farming communities all the way up to working-class professionals


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We hope you keep it real about your health and wellness, and entrepreneurial journey as it relates to making progress in your health goals, business strategy, starting and scaling our business, and staying balanced!

Please refer fellow lady bosses (and males that support this initiative) who are positive, open-minded, health and wellness advocates, and care about growing others in their businesses.


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