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We are a community of WordPress users in various forms; business owners, developers, designers, bloggers, startups and publishers.

We get together every month in different areas of Lagos to network, solve/discuss WordPress challenges, learn, and share WordPress knowledge.

This community is open to all who use WordPress. Whether you are a beginner or an expert --- join us!

The WordPress Nigerian community has a Slack workspace for virtual support and networking, join here: http://bit.ly/wpnaija

Our only criteria for being a part of our community is for you to follow the five good-faith rules from the global meetup organizer handbook. Find it here: https://make.wordpress.org/community/handbook/meetup-organizer/welcome/

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Let's meet at the Virtual Conference for WordPress

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A VIRTUAL CONFERENCE (THE LOCATION IS ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB). TO ATTEND, REGISTER HERE: https://wordsesh.com (See all Speakers and Presentation Schedules here as well) This is for everyone. Whether you build sites for yourself, build them for clients, design sites, code plugins, or do anything else with WordPress, this day is for you. There will be an hallway track. No good conference is complete without the opportunity to chat and network with your peers. WordSesh includes multiple built-in opportunities for you to connect with other attendees, talk shop, swap notes, and make new friends from around the globe. Virtual Swags will be available too. No, there won't be any stickers, pins, or t-shirts, but we will have plenty of useful gifts for every WordSesh attendee! We've made special arrangements with many awesome companies in the WordPress space to provide exclusive digital swag. Instead of paying $200 per ticket, this virtual conference is 100% free for you to attend because Pantheon is picking up the tab. All you need to do is show up – either day – for at least one presentation and you can watch the entire event for free! Hosts: Brian Richards Brian is the creator of WPSessions.com and organizer behind WordSesh. Brian really enjoys helping teams and individuals advance their skills. Over the course of his 20-year career he has lead a number of high-performing development teams and trained even more. You should follow him on twitter as @rzen.

Simple Security Tips for WordPress sites


As explained by Whogohost CEO at WordCamp Lagos 2019, security is a pivotal and important part of every website infrastructure. At this meetup, we will go through simple tips to secure your WordPress sites. Additionally, we will also be answering all your burning questions about WordPress. Refreshments and venue are sponsored by Whogohost. 10q you.

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The Foolproof Guide to Backing Up WordPress

Hub30 Cowork

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