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Many wish they wrote a book that will catapult them to notoriety but very few get to accomplish that dream. Are you one who desires to use your writing and speaking skills to impact the world? Do you desire to make writing & speaking a business worth sharing with others? Are you ready to allow your writing and speaking brilliance to sparkle? Then, this is this the meet up for you!

Your Books are your Feet to the World~ Go Global by equipping yourself.

At this meet up, you will learn, be inspired, be motivated, be empowered, and provided practical tools to jumpstart your entrepreneurial muscle using writing & speaking.

Come and learn from industry experts how to become a bestselling author, how to make money blogging, an award winning screenplay writer, a successful, and skillfully sought out speaker. But more importantly, come explore an atmosphere of networking with like-minded industry professionals.

Meet- Up Location: Will be Provided upon admission

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock speaks Globally on Life Mastery & Behavioral Health Strategies: Home, Career/Biz, Relationships, Health & Wealth. In addition, she trains ASPIRING CREATIVES to Give Birth to their Vision. My Story:Personal (A Price was Paid):
Attempted Suicide
Mentally Unstable for 6 months
Lost 2 Businesses
Thrown out of home & became homeless
Divorced at 26
Writer~ 1st Script Hollywood Fiasco
Publishing/Film Production: 40x Rejection
Social Worker
Nursing: BSN, MA, Ph.D., DNP
Writing in Films My Victory Lap:
*20 Books
*9 Bestsellers
*2 Fiction / 18 Non-Fiction
*3 Times African Oscar Winner
* Indiefest Film Merit Award- Hollywood CA
* Accoloade Film Merit Award- Hollywood CA
*Book Adaptation to Movie Of Sentimental Value
*Licensing of Brand: The Princess of Suburbia® Fashions http://www.princessofsuburbiausa.com/
*Global Life & Creative Biz Strategist, Huffington Post Writer, *Media Entrepreneur,
*Member of National Speakers Association WRITER, BLOG CONSULTANT, & SPEAKER

MRS. RUTH ZUBAIRU creates compelling content for businesses to become visible and get more clients by maximising their reach online.
*She is also the founder of www.sheiscomplete.com, a personal development blog dedicated to building women of virtue and excellence.
*She also trains young writers/ bloggers in her online group VIP Blog Writers Hub on how they can get seen, known and make money from their skills and passion.
*She is a contributor to reputable international platforms like the Huffington Post, Aha-now, Konnect Africa among others.
*She is the Author of the book, “I Am: A Step-by-Step Guide to Overcome Low Self Esteem and Turbocharge Your Confidence”.
*She has been featured on Inspiration FM in Nigeria and Radio Harold Hill, London.

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