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After Work Walk by the Creek...


I think that title just about says it all. It's time to get together to do something HEALTHY. So, let's take an evening walk. Late enough that it's cooler, early enough there's still a few hours of light. We'll meet at the beautiful Anderson Park in Wheat Ridge, and then walk along the Clear Creek Greenbelt path. Most of the path is concrete, but we may duck off of it along the river in places. Either way, the intent is to get some exercise, but in a nice, easy "let's not kill ourselves" sort of way. Perhaps 2-4 miles in a couple of hours. The trail along there is green, verdant, gorgeous, and runs right along the bank of Clear Creek. And what better opportunity to talk to someone than on a long nature walk?

Anderson Park is located off of 44th Ave between Kipling and Wadsworth. Turn south off of 44th into the park. Proceed south through the park, past the ball fields on your left, and the giant water slide on your right. Go straight ahead until the road ends in a big parking lot. We'll meet at the sheltered tables right by the parking lot (if you keep driving straight, you'd run right into them) If in doubt, please check the map link. I've placed the pin on the EXACT location. Please be on time. Light will be waning, so we'll only give about 10 min grace period then head out.

Also, even though it's in the evening, it's still June. So, please bring water, weather attire, sunscreen, and anything else you would need to be comfortable out on a long walk on a summer's day.


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