Past Meetup

Overview of the theme of the Bible - Lesson 21


Our previous study completed the book of Acts through Paul's second preaching trip. Our next study should finish the book of Acts and begin our overview of the epistles, beginning with James and Galatians.

Please plan to join us for our next study Monday, Feb. 18, in room B. And please remember to invite your friends to join us.

This study will continue our overview of the Bible. This will be a survey of the theme of the Bible, showing how various Bible events and books fit into the overall plan of God for our lives and for our salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. This study will emphasize how all Bible history relates to God's plan through Jesus.

Before this meeting, those who RSVP should receive an email with information about how you can prepare. Obviously there will be other details for us to communicate about.

We invite you to sign up and RSVP.