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Welcome to the Dive Bars and Pubs Meetup of Lake County, Illinois.

The purpose of the group will be for adults to explore off-the-beaten-path Bars and Sports bars primarily in the Northeast Lake County, IL area. Occasionally we will have a Hockey, Football or Baseball game viewing as the focus of the meetups.

Weather permitting we may have meetups at free or low cost events such as outdoor concerts and festivals.

Couples as well as singles are invited to participate; this is not a "singles" or "dating" meetup and we do feel that because of the venues where the meetups are held, that the meetup events will be focused on 40+ year old adults. People wishing to become members that are under 40 are not likely to be approved.

Please do not bring children to the meetups unless they are specifically noted as "Kids OK". The main objective is to have fun and socialize in a relaxed adult-oriented atmosphere.

Suggestions for future meetups are encouraged by members and we hope that you will share your favorite places and events with the rest of the meetup group. Only event organizers may post events to our meetup calendar. Please post your ideas to the message board to be reviewed.

Please READ the below carefully:

The following are requirements of membership in the Dive Bars and Pubs Meetup of Lake County, Illinois:

• You must have a clear head and shoulders closeup photo of ONE person on your meetup profile. Photos that include children, pets, etc. are not acceptable.

• You must live in Lake County, IL (the majority of our events take place in north east Lake County, IL). If you live outside of Lake County and request membership, you must give the FULL name of a member as a reference.

• You must be over 40 years of age (our activities are geared to 40+ members).

• You must have at least your first name in your meetup profile. Initials, special characters, or only nicknames are not acceptable. The preferred profile name is "Firstname + Last Initial". This way we can attempt to avoid having 20 members named "Betty" for example.

• Failing to answer the member survey questions or answering them in such a way that it indicates that you fail to understand what the group purpose is and what activities we host will result in declining your membership request.

Applications for membership that do not follow all of the above will be declined.

By accepting membership, you agree to be responsible for settling your own bill when purchasing food/beverage, etc. at the meetup events.

It is also expected that you will not over consume alcoholic beverages, etc. and then drive from our meetup events. If this is a possibility, we ask that you bring a designated driver to assure that you will return home safely. The organizers and membership will not be held responsible if you fail to act in a responsible manner while attending our meetup events.

ANY disorderly conduct or threats made toward other members will lead to your immediate removal from the group and possible legal action.

We request that at events that require reservations (I.E. "Dining Out") that you notify us by message within 24 hours of the event if you cannot attend. Failure to do so will result in you being marked as a "no show' at the organizer's discretion. When a member reaches 3 "no shows" they will not be able to RSVP 'yes' to these types of events going forward.

For statistical and future event planning purposes, event hosts will occasionally add members as “attended” even though they may not RSVPed to the meetup or have been physically located with the group during the period of the meetup event. This is also done when members bring guests and neglect for various reasons to RSVP that they are bringing guests.

This is done so that we can have an accurate count of member and group interest in certain types of events. This information is used for planning of future events as an indicator of what types of events are popular with our membership.

It is expected that members cooperate with our attempts to accurately measure member attendance and participation in meetup events. This will be our ongoing procedure unless it can be demonstrated definitively that this policy has a negative impact on the membership in general.

This and all policies of this meetup are consistent with the https://www.meetup.com Terms of Service subsection “membership criteria”.

Members who do not agree with this or the above membership criteria for this meetup group are invited to find a meetup group that better meets their needs or start their own.

Members who have not participated in group events within 6 months may be subject to removal at the Organizer's discretion.

Having read the group information, prospective members are required to reply to the "welcome" e-mail to be approved as a member. This is to reduce the number of spammers and also to assure that the prospective member can receive messages from and send messages to the event organizers.

Upcoming events (1)

Let's visit Taylor's on Toft in Antioch to see Ivy Ford again!

Needs a location

Ivy Ford, singer, musician, entertainer. Waukegan born and raised, at 28 she is quite the up and coming artist of the Chicago blues and live music scene. Ivy Ford started performing live with Kenosha based band The Real Deal and continues to nurture her niche, calling to the music. She plays piano, alto saxophone, drums, bass guitar and guitar which are primarily self taught. In late 2012, Ford joined a local blues band which in time evolved into Ivy Ford and The Cadillacs and gained fair amounts of popularity.

She'll be performing on acoustic guitar at Taylor's in Antioch.

Taylor's has a complete range of Martini selections that are all quite tasty. They serve specialty cocktails and beers. They have a large selection of whiskeys that they pair with comfort food in this relaxed bar

And there is NO CHARGE (none at all, none, how does he do it?!!!!). Just please honor your RSVP so I can give Taylor's an idea of how many of us there will be.

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