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This group is for people who are interested in learning more and/or practice Buddhism, Mindfulness and alternative spirituality. It's a place to explore and discuss the philosophies and practices of a meaningful life based on these principles.

The first Thursday of each month will be a more casual get together. We will have a guided discussion, get to know each other better as well as set goals to better our lives.

We also have other special events periodically I hope you will consider attending.


Come with an open mind and heart and meet like-minded, loving, thoughtful people in a relaxed atmosphere.

This is a recent message sent to the members:

If you're part of the Mindfulness and Spirituality meet up page you have thought about improving and enriching your life. Maybe you've always been intrigued by Buddhism or you are a very spiritually-minded person. In any case and at the very least you are curious about the concepts.

Some main threads in Buddhism is how important daily meditation is and also to be mindful every day. Being spiritual is believing that the heart is more than the organ that pumps blood but is a deeper connection to the universe. Spiritual people are open to the idea of angels, spirits, a higher power and an afterlife.

In both of the philosophies it is believed that you get what you are supposed to get and that the universe works with you and for you. When you feel like you are constantly hitting a brick wall it is the universe's way of saying that you are fighting your true soul's path. Instead breath, let go and be confident that what is supposed to be will happen smoothly and seamlessly. Every bump in the road is an opportunity for growth and every joyous moment is meant for you.

I saw this quote today. It inspired this e-mail to you. I love it's message and the beautiful colors and landscape of the picture. I thought you might too. If you like it consider printing it off and posting it somewhere as an inspirational reminder.


This meet up is part of Mindful Spirit, a company who's mission is to lend a hand to others on their journey of growth in mind, body and spirit. While Mindful Spirit is NOT a non profit organization we are mindful to keep charges reasonable so that anyone can afford to join us. Learn more at http://www.mindfulspirit.net

There is a cost associated for participating. Look on the description page of the event/meeting you want to attend to see what the cost is. BUT that said if the cost is a hardship, pay what you can for a meeting or meditation. Do note that this is not a non-profit organization. I have expenses of running a small business...rent, office expenses, etc...but I don't want someone NOT coming because they can't afford it.

Upcoming events (2)

A Night with Angels, Spirits and Guides

Online event

Join medium and intuitive, Sandy Kamen Wisniewski, for a spiritual evening of connecting to angels, spirits and guides. In the first half of this heart-centered evening Sandy will share stories of guides and angels and share heart-felt messages from those that have passed.
In the second half of the evening Sandy will try and connect with loved ones that are there with ones that have passed over. She can't guarantee anything of but she will do her best. Tickets are $45.

To get tickets go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-night-with-spirits-angels-and-guides-tickets-163778149855
I will e-mail you the address after you purchase the tickets.

The event will take place in someone's home in Round Lake Beach, Illinois. Seating limited to eight people total.

Spiritual Message and Meditation
Needs a date and time

Adio Chiropractic Clinic

Join us the third Sunday of each month for a message to bring insight and guidance on your spiritual journey in life. This is not a religious gathering but a spiritual one, believing in the power of love, angels, spirit guides and divine love. A $5.00 donation is requested to help me with my costs of my rent and expenses but if that's not affordable come anyway, we just want you to be there.

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Light Bite and Puppy Playtime


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