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This group is for people who enjoy genuine, deep, insightful conversations. People who enjoy challenging ideas, and people who wish to defend them.
Brings your thoughts to the group, contribute or just listen. Topics vary - feel free to spark your own.

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Topic: Woodstock NY vs. Woodstock IL

Woodstock Square Historic District

Weather permitting... Let's get together and talk about Woodstock. We could compare and contrast Woodstock Illinois with Woodstock New York. We can talk about countercultures, hippy movements, and the effects that they've had on the world. Dress for the weather. Bring a blanket if you'd like to sit outside, or a folding chair. BYO drink or food, or come early and grab freshments at one of the nearby businesses. Meet us in the center Square downtown Woodstock, will be in one of the gazebos if they're open.

Topic: Is a company immoral for making product knowingly addictive?

Is a company immoral for making a product knowingly addictive? This question was proposed by a group member during one of our previous discussions. I thought it would be an interesting concept to explore. There a lot of businesses who make their products knowingly addictive in order maintain sales. Not only that, but there are certain medications which are commonly prescribed even though we are fully aware of their addictive qualities and the negative impact they could have on an individual's life. So where do we draw the line? When does a products addictive qualities go too far? And how do we measure that? Curious? Let's talk about it! New people are always welcome. Come join us 🤗

Topic: How to have a happy marriage/relationship?

Main Street Coffee Co

Who knows how to have a happy marriage? For this discussion please see this video on how to build a happy marriage. I think it'll give us a good starting point, something to criticize, and interesting ideas to consider. George Blair-West at TEDxBrisbane 3 ways to build a happy marriage and avoid divorce https://www.ted.com/talks/george_blair_west_3_ways_to_build_a_happy_marriage_and_avoid_divorce/up-next?language=en&utm_campaign=social&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_content=talk&utm_term=humanities&fbclid=IwAR3b1ypIf6CpY3tzghVMH0H4OP61fHVkeTHcGfAfZcKlO5IreJ2vlQRsJJQ#t[masked] also we're trying a new place to meet for this discussion. They offer a full food and drink menu in case anyone is hungry or thirsty. Curious? Let's talk about it! New people are always welcome. Come join us 🤗

Topic: Psychological benefits of having a pet

If the weather is nice we can sit outside, if so feel free to bring your pet along. Most people have heard having a pet in your life reduces stress. Is this always the case? Are there times when having a dog adds more stress than benefit? If you have a pet do you find it elevates your mood? Makes you feel happier? Reduces your stress? Tells us about it. New people are always welcome. Come join us 🤗

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Topic: UFO Wisconsin with Chad Lewis

Lake Geneva Public Library

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