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What we're about

Hello! Started in August 2011 I/we decided to form this for people who enjoy Lake Minnetonka. While only about 10% of us live on or anywhere near “The Lake” (as we like to call it), our members are people who like to sometimes 'play' here. Our members host and attend events and make friends here. Some of our events are even posted 'last-minute'. The age range is over 45 years old but 85 % of us are over 55 years old.

Our Meetups only happen because the members, and sometimes Edward D the Organizer, decide to host an event. We will sometimes meet up somewhere on or near Lake Minnetonka and nearby communities. MANY of our events will, of course, be held elsewhere.

Some of our Meetup events are likely to be happy hour events, dinners, and other similar things. Events will occur at places where we can gather to “Meetup”. We welcome ideas and suggestions from our members for Meetups. We need you, our members to volunteer to host (or co-host) an event whenever you can, and of course to attend wherever possible.

As is the case elsewhere on Meetup we are trying to connect people and to provide a variety of FUN activities, outings, events, etc. It is towards that purpose we are formed and dedicated.

Below is a partial list of some of our activities and reasons people like Meetup and this group, too.

Make new friends/Meet new people/Meetup!!

ANYTHING related to being on or near “The Lake” (as we like to call it)

Boating / Canoeing / Kayaking

Walking, hiking, etc

Happy Hours, dining out

House based Potlucks and BBQ Themed Parties

Music, Dancing, and nightclubs

Bicycling / Biking

Volunteering (e.g. Feed My Starving Children, Meals on Wheels, etc)

All of our members are also members of other Meetup Groups. I hope you will explore them as well. (Ask the Organizer of this group how to easily find more Meetup groups to join. It is easy to search Meetup for your favorite activities, interests, affinities, etc.) PS. Event details are sometimes known only to members so by joining more groups you will have more options on any given day. If you do not join more Meetup groups, you will not find the MANY calendars of events and activities that you would like to do.

In this group while you may simply “belong” here, and come as frequently (or seldom) as you want, "belonging" is not much fun. We hope that you will not only attend an event when you want but that you MIGHT also help plan and organize or co-host a Meetup event.


Edward D.

Upcoming events (1)

Memorial Day Picnic! 101+ Signed Up! Games, Food & Fun! At Highland Park Shelter

Memorial Day Weekend Picnic in St Paul, rented the Highland Park Picnic Shelter, $10 Payable at Picnic

101+ Signed Up! :)

1200 Montreal Ave, St Paul, MN 55116

Look for the American Flags and Yellow Balloons !!! :)

10+ Fun Summer Picnics & Locations this year!!! :)
Mendakota Park - Mendota Heights
Minnehaha Falls -Mpls
Lebanon Hills Jensen Park - Eagan
Hyland Lake Park Reserve - Bloomington
Como Zoo - St Paul
Lake Nokomis - Mpls
Elm Creek Park - Maple Groove
Highland Park Pavilion - St. Paul
St Croix Lakefront Park - Hudson WI
Lake Minnetonka Regional Park

Fun Social Picnic Games:
Croquet, Volleyball, Badminton, Ladder Toss, Bean Bag Toss, Bocce Ball, Goofy Frisbee Toss, Lawn Darts, T-ball, Crazy Kickball Croquet. 18 Hole Mini Golf Course (for non serious golfers) Fun Team Relay Races (Participate or Cheer)

The Potluck Picnic has tons of Fabulous Salads, Entrées, Desserts and Beverages.

Rules of the Game (besides having fun and making new friendships):
• There are Potluck Menu suggestions posted below. Please sign up in the “Comments” area for a Food, Beverage, or Dessert item to let us know what you will be bringing.
• Bring folding lawn chair (some Parks pulled a lot of tables), mask (optional), sunglasses, cap and your youthful playfulness.
• Free Parking is available at all locations but some locations will be nuts so you may want to arrive early.
• Picnic Events will last 4+ hours.
• Picnic Registration & Potluck Food Drop Off begins at 12:00 Noon

• Pay $10.00 fee when you arrive and register,
Fee includes: includes your Burgers, Brats, Hot Dogs, Buns, Bottle Water, Name Badge. Plates, Silverware, Glasses, Serving Pieces & Utensils, Event Games, Decorations, Park Rentals, etc… that is what the $10 fee covers

Organized Fun Picnic Activities:
Volunteers appreciated helping to set up Games, Stage Food, Grilling or loading things up. Please message me if you can arrive early and help set up.

Please put what you would like to bring from below in the “Comments” area.

Please bring pre-packaged Potluck Items as much as possible because of Covid. Have extra serving platters, utensils, sanitation products, rubber gloves, so nobody needs to touch food when dishing themselves up. Safety, Food Preparation and Serving are my #1 concern for everyone.
Menu Signup!

Please sign up for a Potluck item in the Comment area.

• Case of Bottled Water- Bobby
• Canned Pop – Diet/Regular Pepsi
• Canned or Bottled -Ice Tea, Lemonade, etc.
Vegetable Appetizers:
• Veggie Platters & Dips-
• Deviled Eggs-
• Carrots, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Peppers, Sugar Snaps, etc.
Cut Fruit:
• Cut Fresh Fruit Trays / Bowls-
• Cut Seedless Watermelon-
• Fresh Grapes or Cherries, etc –
Picnic Snacks:
• Small Individual Bagged Chips, Doritos, Cheetos–
• Trail Mix & Nuts-
• Sliced Cheese & Crackers -
Salads & Side Dishes:
• Salads –Leaf, Summer or Lettuce Salads, Wild Rice Salad etc..
• Coleslaw-
• Potato Salads –
• Pasta Salads, Chicken Pasta Salads, etc...
• Fruit Salads -
For the Grill:
• Charcoal & Fluid – Bobby Provides
• Hamburgers & Buns – Bobby Provides
• Chicken -
• Brats & Buns – Bobby Provides
• Hot Dogs & Buns – Bobby Provides
• Baby Dill Pickles –
• Ketchup, Mustard, Pickles - Bobby Provides
• General Desserts-
• Cookies, Bars, –
• Brownies-
• Cakes or Pies –

#1 Goal is to have Fun! Meet old Friends and make New Friends, Play, Socialize and have a Great Summer!!!

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