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Hello, and WELCOME to the First Annual Wine Making Adventure!

Have you ever wanted to make your own wine but not sure how to go about it? Does the thought of investing hundreds (or in our case, thousands) of dollars into wine making equipment just to make a single batch of wine not sound very fun? Have you always wanted to add "Wine Maker" to your business cards? Well now is your chance to bypass those excessive costs and road blocks and MAKE SOME WINE!

Join us for our FIRST Annual Wine Making Adventure which will take you through a 5 month (7 Meetups Total) journey of the wine making process, including choosing your own grapes (from a California grape distributor downtown Chicago), crushing and de-stemming, the crazy fermentation process, pressing the must, racking your new wine, and finally bottling and drinking!

In the end you will walk away with approximately 2.5 cases (about $300 worth of store bought wine) of your very own (and everyone else's) finished, homemade wine, along with the insight into the world of wine making, and the know-how to hopefully do it again.

The cost is $150 per person for your first batch, $100 for each additional batch, or $50 if you are not making wine but would like to join us through the experience. (3 finished bottles and all bonus materials included in last option) The $20 Meetup fee is your deposit, (non-refundable) and the remaining balance is due by check or cash at the first Meetup.

SPACE IS LIMITED and will go QUICK, so RSVP ASAP so you don't get stuck on the waiting list! (it has been happening a lot lately)

What's Included:

About Two (2) Cases of YOUR OWN Wine (about 24 bottles) One (1) Bottle of Everyone Else's Wine (6-8 bottles) - For a little added Variety! Includes All Materials Except the Grapes (which we all purchase together Day 1) and the Bottles (You have 5 months to collect) - Additives, Corks, Caps, Sanitizers, Etc. Use of All Professional Wine Making Equipment - Crusher/De-Stemmer, Basket Press, Bottling Corker, Fermentation Drums, Glass Carboys, Testing Tools, Racking Tools, Filling System, Proper Storage, Etc. Lunch & Wine on Crush Day, Press Day and Bottling Day - $60 Value! Your Must Caps (fermenting grapes) Punched Down Four Times Daily! - You will learn more about this intense process later. All Pre-Sanitation and Post Equipment Cleanup - The Messy, Annoying Part =( Wine Making DVD - $35 Value! The Wine Maker's Answer eBook - $10 Value! Educational Wine Making Packet and Log Book Additional 5% Off All Purchases at Perfect Brewing in Libertyville All Behind-The-Scenes (when you're not there) Tests, Treatments, Care and Storage (including an additional initial gross-lees racking) - So you don't have to worry about it! Our Awesome Wine Making Knowledge =) Seven (7) Meetups over Five Months

The REQUIRED costs are as follows:

$150 - Per Person with 5 Gallon Batch of Wine
(about 30 bottles - $300 value)
$50 - Per Person NOT Making Wine
(includes 3 bottles of finished wine - $30 value)

$33-$37 - Per Crate of Grapes, depending on varietal
(2 required)
$0-$40 - 30 Empty Bottles. $40 to buy them.
FREE to collect them! =)

The OPTIONAL costs are as follows:

$100 - Each Additional 5 Gallon Batch of Wine
$20 - 30 Used Wine Bottles (with their original labels)
$10 - American or Hungarian Oak Chips or Cubes
$40 - If you can't attend the Initial Crush and we do it for you
$40 - If you can't attend the Grape Press and we do it for you
$20 - If you can't attend a Racking and we do it for you
$40 - If you can't attend the Bottling and we do it for you
$50 - Custom Designed & Printed Labels
$8 - Pre-Printed Varietal Specific Labels

The current schedule is as follows:

Sat Oct 1, 10am-11am - Purchase Grapes (Chicago)
Sat Oct 1, Noon-6pm - Crush Grapes, Lunch, Wine
Sun Oct 9, Noon-6pm - Press Grapes, Lunch, Wine
Sun Nov 13, (by appt, date flexible) - First Racking
Sun Dec 18, (by appt, date flexible) - Second Racking
Sun Jan 22, (by appt, date flexible) - Third Racking
Sun Feb 26, Noon-6pm - Bottle Wine, Lunch, Drink, Share!!!

We hope you can join us for this fun and educational adventure, and be a part of the 2011 Harvest! Also, feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


Upon registration, you will receive an email outlining the address and details of the initial grape purchase. All subsequent Meetups are located at the address listed.

Please provide your cell phone number during registration so we may contact you regarding your wine, event details/updates or schedule changes.

If you would like more detailed information on the Wine Making process, here is a good resource:

DISCLAIMER - Not all batches turn out great. In fact, some don't turn out at all. Please understand going in that we will do everything in our power to create the best results in all of our wines, but the infamous "Bad Batch" happens to even the best of us! Translation - If you batch doesn't turn out the way you expected, it's not our fault, and no refunds of any kind will be offered. Thanks for understanding!

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