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Are you a person who wants to learn more about passive income, cash flow and how to have money work for you? Cash Flow by Robert Kiyosaki (the author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad books) is a simulation for increasing your financial IQ and income. This tool helps all learn more about what the "Rich teach their children that the poor and middle class do not". USA Today calls it "Monopoly on steroids". If you want to know more watch the 6 min video that explains the why and how of the Cash Flow board game.


At the monthly activities we will share ideas, learn from each other while playing the game, share some great food and hear from some experienced guest speakers about how they have build net worth or provide services to people growing wealth.
Whether you are young or old, retired or just getting started you are invited to join this learning group. We are all learning and growing and increasing our skills and through simulated experiences. The only requirement is to be kind and considerate and to have a positive mental attitude.

It takes 2-3 hours to play the game so it is more fun with some great food. This is a valuable event for people who want to learn, have fun and be supported by like minded people. We will have some events at restaurants and some at peoples homes and it can be pot luck or host provided.
Come to this inaugural event and bring your suggestions on locations, times and types of guest speakers that would be valuable to you. Please RSVP and bring a spouse or a partner and come to learn in a nourishing environment.

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CashFlow Game, Raymond, Maine

346 Raymond Cape Rd

CashFlow is a Board Game developed by Robert Kiyosaki that helps people increase their financial literacy and understand the importance or and benefits of passive income. The Wall Street Journal called it like Monopoly on Steroids. We will have introductions and share some food with each other. If you do not want to have Pot Luck Dinner with us you can come just for the game. The Board Game will start at 6:30 and will last for approximately 2 hours. All levels of experience are welcome and the game is easy to learn. It will help you to think differently about the types of income. This is not a competitive game and we all learn from each others experiences. Please RSVP so we can plan for the event. There can be 6 players in the game and couple can play as a team. It is a good learning experience for young adults who want to increase their financial literacy.

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CashFlow Board and Sebago Lakeside BBQ

346 Raymond Cape Rd

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