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Clojure on Pedestal

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Much can be said about Clojure, which makes it an interesting language. For one, it runs on JVM. Another point: it is a Lisp dialect.

During this meeting we will put Clojure on Pedestal... and see what Pedestal can do in Clojure.

About Pedestal:
SO question about Pedestal and other Clojure frameworks:

Thanks to Konrad for suggesting the topic and agreeing to speak!

Micro-abstract: I'm going to focus on reactive/dataflow programming on client side (aka Pedestal App). Not just the Pedestal framework, but also JavaScript interop, integrating with popular JS libraries etc. Hopefully showing that ClojureScript and Pedestal are very usable, fun and interesting at the same time.

It is going to be all about Clojure, but doesn't require much knowledge of the language. Just the rudiments or at least the ability to read some Lisp code should be enough to understand the examples. It will be an intro-level talk. Largely overlapping with Pedestal documentation and the "app tutorial", so you don't need to go through them beforehand.