Nice Scalaz ( and Cats) monads you want to use


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In this workshow we would like to show you some useful monads that many functional programmers already fell in love with:

• State - one that allows you to simulate stateful computations inside pure functions

• Free - one that let you decouple business logic from side effects

• Task - an alternative to Future that doesn't break monadic laws and let you defer the decision when and how will your computations be run

• Validation - like Either but even more suited for validating data

## Requirements for participation

This workshop assumes at least basic understanding of Scala and functional programming. You need to have your laptop with you with your IDE/editor of choice installed as well as any browser from displaying slides. I recommend to have SBT already installed and have IDE/editor configured to do code completion and support SBT projects.

##About Mateusz Kubuszok

Scalac hAkker. Passionate developer who tried Java and C++ before discovering Scala. I care about clean design, solid architecture and reliability of the code.