What we're about

Lambdaheads though new on meetup, is a group of people interested in functional programming already existing for a few years.

If you are interested in functional programming, be it beginner or expert we would be happy to meet you every second Wednesday of the month.

As of now we have some λheads doing haskell, some doing lisp in one form or another. Idris, Coq, Elm and even F# would be interesting. Of course the functional mindset is influencing many languages today C# has lambdas/anonymous functions, closures and maps/reduces as well, Java8 has them too (well not all of them), Python, Ruby, Perl allow you to use functions as first class citizen. And Javascript - some like to call it a Lisp with C syntax.

And if all of the above is nonsense to you but you are a curious mind just come and have a glance at some, who want to share the love for functional programming.

Where: At the metalab (https://metalab.at) library.
When: Every second Wednesday of the month starting at 19:30.

Who: epsilonhalbe - I am the organizer and all the other λheads

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