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Hey fellow Lambdaheads!

Sorry for the late announcement - I was not sure I had the time to prepare the next meeting, but I am happy to announce the next session of Lambdaheads will be on time.

Topic this time will be - a short recap of our last session, and a bit of supplement to the first part, where I totally forgot to tell you about "record syntax", which is one of the features I am still not really decided on whether I like it or not. One thing I am sure of it can lead to the more painful experiences you can have with Haskell (that is one reason why lenses were invented).

The main part will be an introduction to the way polymorphism and subclassing works in Haskell. But beware - all your previous experiences with class- and/or prototypeinheritance might not apply, the closest thing you might know are mixins (ruby,dylan) and interfaces from java.

If the majority of the members is not able to attend I will try to schedule a second meetup on the 25th of February.

Hope you will come and do some Haskell.
Yours Martin