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I would like to talk about the current state of web development in a functional way.

If you have any experience doing that just post a comment.

If you have no experience in it, and want to learn about it and want to share your experiences doing that, I will be glad to offer any help.

Topic suggestions:

- clojurescript and friends - using a proper lisp on the web
- yesod, snap, blaze, clay - infusing haskell to the web experience
- purescript, elm, ghcjs, fay ... - compiling to js is such a hot topic that one needs kitchen gloves to touch it
- frp: in whichever form it may be known to you
- functional javascript libraries - lodash/underscore/lazyjs
- ...

I will not have time to prepare a talk, so I would be glad if we could have some short (15-20min) talks by YOU and some time for discussion.