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Parsing - or why regexes are underused in Haskell

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Friends of the Functional!

Something nice!
Something handy!
Something beginner-friendly!
An introduction to using `parsec`/`attoparsec`/`aeson`.

- `aeson` is the haskell JSON-parser du jour
- `attoparsec` is a parser combinator that has one thing in mind - speed (at the cost of error messages), can parse `Text` (a.k.a. better Strings) and `ByteString` (a.k.a. binary data)
- `parsec` gives great error messages - guess what it is slower

Some suggestions - please chose - simple attoparsec example (kata - from january)
- We can go through the examples from RealWorldHaskell (PPM, PGM pictures)
- Simple JSON parsing
- XML for the intermediate/advanced Haskellers out there with `conduit`
- your suggestion here

If anybody would like to present comment - I would be fond to have you!

Cheers Martin