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Cook and Eat your way around the World. Join Scott, a multi lingual amateur chef that loves sharing and learning languages, foods, tricks, tips and recipes. No experience necessary. Novices welcome. We host and create menus for others to help cook together with step by step hands on demonstrations. Upon entry to one of our event your are greeted with a specially designed "Welcome Cocktail" and a recipe booklet of how to make the night's dishes and drinks.

I have lived eleven years abroad and enjoy cooking Peruvian, Brazilian, and Scandinavian Foods, but have learned many others thanks to books, the internet, and other like minded people. Of course, we will eat and drink the fruits of our efforts together.

We have never had aspirations of making a profit, but have now decided to use the success of our events to raise monies for our new benefactor La Cocina SF ( https://www.lacocinasf.org/ ).

This wonderful, relatively new, local non profit organization already has many accolades, awards and incredible success stories. Their exceptional staff and dedicated volunteers offer both technical and business advice to incubate new food ventures such as a small restaurant, food stand or catering service. They guide, train and emotionally support entrepreneurs from immigrant/low income (mostly women of color) . This is an important cause that may that may allow these people and their families to remain and even thrive in the ever more costly SF and environs.

We plan on attending some of their fundraisers and patronizing some their new outlets of culinary dedication and pride. We are really looking forward to it. Their next event is Thursday, November 8th at la Brava Theater in the Mission District of San Francisco called "Voices from the Kitchen" a performance that includes a reception with food and drinks. Tickets can be purchased at https://voicesfromthekitchen.org/

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JAPANESE: Sake Tasting, Sushi, Teppanyaki Tempura, & Mochi -Tokyo 2020 & Beyond!

Hi Everyone!! March 2rd, a Saturday, for our next event, JAPANESE at our house in Moraga. The menu is not set in stone. But, we will be doing SUSHI and will provide you with your own copy of all the recipes from the evening and a Sushi Mat you can take home with you! We already have an origami teacher and an Ikebana practitioner (read former florist) to help out. Sometimes we have weekday events, sometimes on the weekend. A GREAT VALENTINE experience/gift. We ask that you bring a bottle of your favorite beverage to share with the 4-5 dishes and dessert we will be making. Fee will be only $30, including Sake Tasting, for this one with $5 from each to ticket going to our charity La Cocina SF. https://lacocinasf.org/ Remember, we are teaching, not cooking for everybody. We will all cook, eat and clean together. So far tons of fun!! Look forward to hearing back from you and even more seeing you! The event committee could use one or two more members. We usually toss some ideas around over a group e-mail, pick a meeting date at the host's house. Meet once for about 90 minute max. and then show up a little earlier to set up the event. Bonus for being on the committee: fee waived and influence in menu. You do not have to be Japanese, but experience, descended from, or original natives of Japan are most welcome! Yours in my Kitchen, Scott

Indian Food Outing International Women's Day - La Cocina in San Francisco

Description Hosted by Chef/Owner Heena Patel of Besharam in collaboration with August 1 Five. 6:30 pm Guest Arrival | 7:00 pm Dinner In tandem with International Women’s Day this March, La Cocina chefs are collaborating with some of the Bay Area’s most accomplished restaurateurs, winemakers and cocktail creators to bring you A Week of Women in Food — a 7-day dining experience celebrating the voices, talent & food of women in the food industry.It will be a Bright Night November 8th. Just when we were thinking about when we would be going out to eat as a Meetup together, this one of a kind event came on the calendar: https://voicesfromthekitchen.org Most importantly, this is a chance to go with Lamorinda International Cuisine Meetup to see La Cocina SF in action and taste some of the projects they have supported. At their last event we attended together, we presented them a $350 donation. WE DO WANT YOU TO RSVP HERE THAT YOU HAVE PURCHASED TICKETS. We will then be able to meetup before. Although, I was promised by the event's staff that there is plenty of food and drink, it is a Night in the in the City! Many of us will opt to go out for a nightcap and maybe even another bite after. You will receive another update before the event, but buy your tickets asap. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/34-women-in-food-dinner-series-feat-besharam-august-1-five-by-la-cocina-tickets-55434110918?aff=ebemoffollowpublishemail&utm_term=Women+in+Food+Dinner+Series+feat.+Besharam+%2B+August+1+Five+%7C+by+La+Cocina&utm_medium=em&utm_content=follow_notification&utm_source=eventbrite&utm_campaign=following_published_event Welcome new members and old to Lamorinda International Cuisine Meetup. We now have over 250 members! We are hosting a Japanese cooking event in Moraga in March: https://www.meetup.com/Lamorinda-International-Cuisine-Meetup/events/258573381/ There is another save the date for a Northern Norwegian Feast at the elegant Norwegian Club in San Francisco: https://norwegianclub.org/event-3232244 More details to follow in a different announcement. We are always looking for new cuisines to try, places to host and restaurants to try. If you can help in any of these capacities please contact me directly. Yours in our Kitchen, Scott and all you who made this possible!

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San Francisco: "Voices from the Kitchen" Dinner & Stories Performance La Cocina

Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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