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Welcome to LanCul!


Are you having a difficult time connecting with people in Tokyo? Is your everyday routine finally getting to you? Well, we’ve got the place, the people, the music, and the alcohol all ready for you. All you need is to come and join the fun.

Can anyone come?

Yes, seriously. Bring your friends, your friends’ friends, your family, your classmates, everyone! Tokyo LanCul Meetup hosts parties every month with different themes and surprises so it never gets boring.

Here’s a little history about us: Tokyo LanCul Meetup began in February 2013, creating opportunities to connect people all over Tokyo through the English language. Since then, we’ve been hosting events and choosing places that would attract our members’ interests so they could meet and have a blast with like-minded individuals.

What makes our group a tremendous amount of fun is that we offer a variety of quality events and we open our doors to anyone interested! We have been hosting international exchange parties every month, language and cultural exchange events, salsa nights, picnics, and more. The best part is that since we often interact in English, it’s definitely foreigner-friendly and great for Japanese who’d like to brush up on their language skills.

But what if I can’t speak in English?

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! We have members who can fluently speak Japanese so it’s very easy to chat and mingle.

Our aim to promote bilingualism in Tokyo. Bilingualism means the ability to speak two languages fluently. However, we have members from all over the world who can speak not just two, but three, or even four languages! We’re really just a big group of unique people and we’d love it if our community could grow even bigger.

Has that convinced you yet?

Tokyo LanCul Meetup is open to good ideas all the time, so if you have an idea or an event in mind, we are more than happy to promote your event ideas!

We are inviting you to help our group grow and keep us connected with one another, and there’s no better way to this but to meet up. The most important aspect of every experience is for our members to have an outstanding time and of course be able to have the benefit of cultural exchange and to be able to connect with the world in a different way.

Meetup is a place to make friends, create relationships, and start strong connections. At every event, a lot of new friends are made. Our organizers will be there to introduce all the members to each other, so even if you come to the events alone, you’ll be laughing and having a ball with everyone in no time!

Let’s cut the monotonous cycle of our everyday lives. It’s time to breathe and live a little.

There’s always a party at LanCul. We’ve just been waiting for you!

新しい友達を作りませんか? メンバーと、毎月様々なイベントが行われています!

Tokyo LanCul Meetupは、エネルギー溢れる東京で、あらゆるバックグラウンドの人と繋がり、友達になる機会を作るために、2013年2月に始まりました。東京およびその近郊で面白そうな場所やイベントをランダムに選び、似たような興味を持った仲間たちと会う様々な機会を作っています。









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