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Our shared Christian faith is retreating from American society on every front. As Jesus promised, today His Disciples are hated by the world and mocked by the godless. Will you shrink from that ridicule? Will you recoil from the hatred? On whom will you turn your back?

A recurring planning, educational, and training retreat of Christian men, pastors and elders. Network with other leaders and form a unified defense of our faith.

Join local Christian pastors, elders, and lay men and learn how to:

Reclaim and re-invigorate masculinity in your church and personal Christian walk.
Rebuke the world for its sins and embrace the hate and ridicule you receive as crowns and stars.
Learn to uphold the Lord’s first Law…...natural marriage and the family.
Learn our duty to protect the Bride and Body of Christ.

Jesus called us to be men in His work and defense. Answer Him.

In a world of sin & oppression that wants to silence you; shame you into being anything BUT a man. Get the tools and the fellowship to resist evil in your life, your flock, your family & vanquish it!

Be Assertive! Be Confident! Be Bold!

The LORD is a warrior! A man of war: JEHOVAH his name. Exodus 15:3
Be strong in the LORD and the power of His might. Ephesians 6:10

Fellowship with us and BE THE MEN JESUS WANTS US TO BE.

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