What we're about

Do you feel like you are caught in the middle of 2 worlds, not quite comfortable at all times in the neuro-typical world, but have been unable to connect with other autism social groups out there? If so, then come join us! This Meetup social group is for adults 18 and older with high-functioning autism/Asperger’s. This is a way to connect with other like-minded individuals who want to meet new people, share common interests, and have some fun. Activities can include hiking, bowling, dinner out, movies, concerts, baseball games, theater productions, etc. Current members include college graduates, students, and those who are working. Family members are encouraged to attend!

Meetup Guidelines

1. In order to maintain the group’s integrity all new members will be approved by the administrators.

2. This site is maintained by the administrators and any content not aligned with the Meetup’s mission will be deleted. Please be respectful in your interactions.

3. All Meetup activities will be organized and posted by the administrators. The administrators welcome all members’ input when planing activities.

4. As the group grows we would like to remind members that although parents are welcome at events no official adult supervision is provided. Our activities will include public social gatherings, evening activities, trips out of the Lancaster area, and physically vigorous activities such as hiking. Not all activities will be of interest to every member and we will attempt to offer a variety of outings. The group’s safety and enjoyment is our number one concern.

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