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Land Ops Adventure Presentation

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at the Adventurers' Club in L.A. (Men's Club)

The Adventurers' Club ( in Los Angeles has invited Chris Doering, Founder of our Land Ops group to present a one hour adventure overview of the Land Ops experience. Operators (men) who wish to attend can join us for dinner and the presentation at 6:50 PM sharp. Dinner is at 7:00 PM and the Land Ops presentation is after dinner.

There will be an $18 charge for dinner at the door.


Find out at the Adventurers' Club presentation this Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 6:50 PM

Presentation Overview Topics:

How Land Ops Started (brief intro)
Mobility - off road capable support vehicles
Navigation - exercise structures and deployment
Communications - radio equipment, use, and developing protocols
Teamwork - execution, and coordinated maneuvers.

Direction - In what direction is Land Ops heading?

Hint: Have Fun....Get Trained!

This will be a full hour, multi-media presentation of the Land Ops adventures off the beaten path. Anyone wishing to get a full overview of our group and the plans for our future are encouraged to attend.

Insight into what we mean by ....Get Trained; During our adventures off the beaten, Land Ops is effectively working as a task force to accomplish the given assignments and objectives. The Land Ops exercise structure is itself a training in coordination and teamwork. We have realized that many of our operators possess a variety skills and disciplines and many hold certifications in disaster response, search and rescue and emergency communications. What we have before us is an opportunity to cultivate and incorporate those skills into the Land Ops adventure experience...hence the idea, "Have Fun, Get Trained!"

other topics and demonstrations

Video Features - Aerial video/photography

Please join me for this dinner/presentation at the Adventurers' Club in L.A. ( I'd like to call on a few operators to give a brief testimonial during my presentation.