• Photo Expedition in China!
    Because I've had many members inquire about this, I thought to just put it out to the entire group. What is this, you ask? It's a chance to travel and experience China where not many get to go. Is it the Great Wall? Panda's? Terra Cotta Warriors? Not exactly. It's even better ... Did you know that China is home to over 50 ethnicities? These ancient cultures are quickly disappearing as the allure of modern city life promises a better, easier life (yeah, right). Immerse yourself in little known ancient Chinese cultures, witness awe-inspiring landscapes, engage in "conversation" sharing story, sample old world recipes from generations past; Keep these memories alive in your hearts and minds upon your return by capturing and documenting your adventure through your lens. Learn the art of capturing landscapes, natural light environmental portraiture and even trying your hand at street photography to boot! For a look-see of what I'm talking about, I encourage you to see for yourself. Even if you think travel and photography aren't for you, I want to inspire you to consider combining the two ... how about traveling with a friend to share the experience with? I'd appreciate spreading the good vibes either way! Upon my years living and visiting many regions throughout these endearing parts of China, I've always said this story needs to be told! For my fondness in teaching, I will help you tell this story, through your own heart and lens. While you're there (on the website below), drop me a quick message letting me know what you think! Here it is: www.intrepidphotosojourns.com Thank you for this indulgence. Darrell (experience blogs) www.intrepidsojourns.wordpress.com www.abcinsh.wordpress.com

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