Death Valley & Valley of Fire Junket!

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I've talked about this trip for quite some time now and finally having the opportunity to sit down and craft an itinerary for this awesome location for photography. We'll spend 4 mornings and 3 nights in Death Valley with 1 night in a special place not from the Vegas Strip ... Vegas Strip?

Yep! It's best to fly to Vegas and jump in a van to begin our tour. We'll be camping in both locations, so you'll need to bring camp gear with you. We could also stop briefly at the local REI store in Vegas to p/u any last minute things. I'm still working out cost, but it should be no more than $500 - which will include all van rental costs, entry and campsite fees. Airfare to LAS & food are not included. Once firmed up, I will communicate the particular flights you should book for yourself. Dates are firm b/c of campground in DV.

I have to limit this to a total of 8 photographers, so if these dates work for you, please only add yourself if and only if you are truly serious about joining us. Please be kind to other fellow photographers. I appreciate everyone's cooperation on this.

This 5-Day trek is not for everyone. It’s going to be challenging, overwhelming and at times you’ll be on the razor edge of your comfort zone. But all truly transformative change occurs on the edge of your comfort zone, and we have designed this trek to maximize our time shooting in this incredible landscape. This is an excellent hands-on primer for first-timers to the park.

If you’re a beginner, this is an amazing and rare opportunity to shoot alongside other landscape photographers and learn. If you’re intermediate this is a great place to take your photography to the next level. And if you’re a advanced/professional this is your chance to capture incredible light and help others accelerate their understanding of the medium.