What we're about

For men who want to deepen their mindfulness practices, meet like-minded men, be supported on their journeys, and become better fathers.

This is such a hard idea to write about, because this is NOT about religion or chakras or crystals or any of that stuff. I found a lot of "mindfulness" groups that focus on those things...which is totally fine, it's just not what this is about.

This is a group of self-aware guys who meditate (at least semi-) regularly, read regularly, improve their mental health regularly, and want to "show up" in their relationships to their wives and kids.

Basically, if you use mindfulness practices to optimize your health, wellness, and general day-to-day happiness, let's meet!

The ideal member is:

- A father with young kids
- A regular meditator
- A regular reader (fiction and non-fiction)
- Devoted to bettering himself
- Focused on optimizing physical, mental, and emotional health
- On a "journey" of self-improvement and personal growth

You may be extra interested if you:
- Are an entrepreneur or have entrepreneurial ideas
- Are part of a men's group
- Have read books like:
--- Waking Up by Sam Harris
--- Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg
--- How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan
--- Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
--- Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari
- Meditate with Waking Up, Headspace, or similar
- Exercise or play sports regularly

If you feel like it's hard to meet people because of your somewhat holistic interests, this should be the place for you.

Meetings can take various forms, from traditional Men's Group mastermind/circles, to book discussions, to physical activities. Let's support each other where we need support, and build a community where we can continue our journey's with the help of others.

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Mindful Dads Introductory Meetup

Township of Langley Civic Facility


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