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Sunday Gangnam morning language meet up 일요일 강남 오전 모임!
*중고급 영어 회화 참여자 영어 레벨 테스트 :영어-실력-테스트/ *모임 설명 안녕하세요! 주말 오전 GSM테라스에 모여서 같이 영어회화하면서 자기계발도 하고 친구들도 사귈거에요. 보통 주말 오전에는 늦잠을 자거나 티비를 보면서 시간을 보내는 경우가 많잖아요. 그치만 우리 캐톡과 GSM멤버들은 좀더 특별하게 영어 토픽을 가지고 영어 회화 연습을 하고 새로운 인맥을 사귀는 귀중한 시간으로 바꾸어보려고합니다. 아시죠? 이시간에 일어나서 오시기 힘든거? 그만큼 열정과 노력이 없다면 오전 모임 자리에 함께하긴 쉽지 않을거에요. 그런 의미에서 더 값진 모임이 되겠죠? 더욱더 프리미엄 프로그램을 준비했답니다. 죄송하지만 초급자는 입장이 어려우세요. 중고급 이상 실력자들이 토픽을 바탕으로 회화 할수 있는 모임을 꾸립니다. *일정 매주 토요일 오전 10.30분~점심12.30분 @홍대 GSM테라스 매주 일요일 오전 10.30분~점심12.30분 @강남 GSM테라스 *프리미엄 프로그램 10.30~11:20 토픽 대화 수정 11:20~12:00 자리 바꾸기, 토픽 대화 12:00~12:30 자리 바꾸기, 토픽 대화 *레벨 테스트 방법 -중고급 대상(영어로 대화할수 있는 수준, 초급자 참여불가) *비용 : 1만원(음주류 2잔 포함, 회화 모임 2시간) *토픽 : 그날 그날 다른 트렌디한 토픽을 준비해둘거에요. 현장에서 확인후 같이 핑퐁 질문을 하고 대답하면서 이야기를 나누고 영어를 연습할거에요. 끝나고 나면 좀 출출해 지겠죠? 친해진 멤버들과 나와서 점심도 먹고 음,, 그 이후로는 볼링도 한판? 함께해요. *신청 방법 아래 댓글 달아주세요. 인원 미달 없이 무조건!! 진행됩니다! 확고하게~ 함께해주세요 안녕하세요! GSM테라스 모임 참여해주셔서 감사합니다. 피드백 남겨주시면 반영할게요! 새로운 모임 정보를 상세히 받아보고 싶으시면 카톡 친추 부탁드립니다. *카톡 플러스 영어 -> *카톡 플러스 중국어 ->

GSM Terrace

166-1 논현동 · Seoul

What we're about


Meet new people, locals and travellers, make great friends, practice speaking English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish!! About 3,000 people join our Gangnam meet ups every month. Our members are about 30% Foreigners and 70% Koreans. NOT EVERYONE is fluent in their target languages. All language levels are fine. Feel free to come alone and come late. Simply enter the meet up at the right time, pay 10,000won (11,000 with card), and then you'll receive any TWO drinks from our menu. Our menu includes Coffee, latte, Tea, Juice, craft beers, cocktails and more :)

Check out the video here: (


GSM TERRACE: Language Exchange Cafe & Pub

This is a dedicated location just for language and international meet ups! See more here: (GSM TERRACE ( (scroll down for directions)


To get maps, schedules, details and free language content designed to hlep you get the most out of your meet up, please register here:

Foreigners register:
• Koreans register:모임-신청서/


The atmosphere of our language exchanges depends on the day of the week. Monday is a bit more study focused and relaxed, where as Thursday has people drinking SOJU and it feels a bit more like a pub. We get between 30 and 100 people to each meetup. Generally, you will come into the language exchange and you'll be greeted by friendly staff. The staff will show you how to order from our menu and then guide you to a seat. Each table has 6 - 8 people. Every hour, we will randomly change the tables so you get a chance to meet new people. Find the day of the week below to get a better idea of what to expect!

[MONDAY 7 - 11] People: 30 - 50. Languages: English - Korean - Spanish

[TUESDAY 7 - 11] People: 30 - 50. Languages: English - Korean

[WEDNESDAY 7 - 11] People: 40 - 70. Languages: English - Korean - Japanese

[THURSDAY 7 - 11] People: 50 - 90. Languages: English - Korean - Chinese

[SATURDAY 3 - 6] People: 70 - 100. Languages: English - Korean - Chinese

[SUNDAY 3 - 6] People: 30 - 60. Languages: English - Korean


We have International Pub Parties every Friday and Saturday night in Gangnam [GSM Terrace] and we have Wine & Cheese Meet ups every Sunday night. These are different than our language exchanges in that they are much more free, there are much more people, and there is much more alcohol :) There are no table changes and everyone is free to sit anywhere they like. The atmosphere is much more similar to a pub than a cafe. To attend the pub party, you simply arrive at the GSM Terrace (late is okay) and pay 10,000 won. You'll get any 2 drinks from our menu. You can also pay 15,000 won and get unlimited select drinks between 7 and 10PM. We also have FREE CLUBB ENTRY into various clubs in Gangnam, Itaewon and Hongdae. More details about club entry at the GSM Terrace! Have a look at the descriptions below for more details on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night :)

[FRIDAY NIGHT 7 - 12AM] People: 80 - 150. International Pub Party.

[SATURDAY NIGHT 7 - 12AM] People: 100 - 200. International Pub Party.

[SUNDAY NIGHT 7 - 11PM] People: 30 - 60. Wine & Cheese Meet up.


1. Is my LANGUAGE ABILITY too low? No! We have people of all abilities join and adapt to our meet up and community. The important thing is that you try to meet new people and learn new language, culture with an open and positive mind.

2. Can I come ALONE? Absolutely. A LOT of the people who come to our meet up come alone. The purpose is to expose yourself to new cultures, language and people. There's nothing wrong with coming alone.

3. Can I come LATE? Yes! You may come late. But, you'll be missing out on valuable speaking time! ^^ Of course its best to come early. But it's better to come late than not come at all~

4. HOW do I join? You can just go to the meet up at the correct time and enter the meet up :) If you want to register, follow this link and we can send you additional information via mail!

5. What is the AGE of people join? There is no age limitation, but our members are typically between 20 and 36 years old. There quite a few people who are older or younger than this.

6. What KIND of people join? GSM members are usually workers / professionals and sometimes students, and travellers. In any case, they are always positive and opened minded people. You'll be hard pressed to find negative people at our meet up! Sometimes

7. Ratio of GENDER and NATIONALITY? We put a lot of effort to balance gender and nationality. Sometimes there are more women, sometimes there are more men but it often averages out to more women than men. Foreigners are about 30% of the group, while local Koreans are about 70%.


Global Seoul Mates (GSM) is our name. We started as a small group of friends in 2015. Now we are over 70,000 members with nationalities from over 50 countries around the world. We are connected by an interest in language, culture and self development!

We also host very large special events of 1,000 + people! You can learn more about that here:


GSM Terrace

Take exit 3 from Sinnonhyeon Station. Turn 180 degrees after exiting the station. Walk along the main Gangnam Road and pass three crosswalks. On your right, you'll see an ABC Shoe Mart. Turn right at this mart. Walk straight until the first intersection. You'll see a 6 story building on the far right of the intersection. GSM Terrace is on the 6th floor. Take the elevator up!

Searchable address: 논현동 166-23

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