• Tai Long Wan Beach Adventure

    Sai Kung Bus Terminus

    Tai Long Wan is one of the quietest beaches in Hong Kong, and for a good reason! Tucked away in the Sai Kung East country park, the only way to get to this deserted beach is with a good ol' fashion hike. This trek will be a full day excursion - we'll hop on buses and ferries and stop for lunch when we get there. And when we do, you can see for yourself why it's called the crown jewel of Hong Kong! The bus and ferry will be about $50 HKD round trip and lunch will be around $100. You can use your Octopus for the bus, but please make sure to bring small bills for the ferry! Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes as we'll be walking a lot. Lastly, plenty of sunscreen, swimwear, and a towel for the beach - and don't forget to wear a smile! It is a moderately difficult hike. 7km in total (there and back) and 150m incline and decline each way! You can see the exact route here https://goo.gl/maps/ox76A4RFYf72

  • Biking to 10,000 Buddhas

    Exit A [By the Tunnel]

    We'll rent bikes and ride along a handful of Hong Kong's famous waterways. Starting along the Tai Po River, we'll follow the bike path to Tolo Harbour. Then we'll wind down the Shing Mun River, where we'll find the 10,000 Buddhas Monastary, which actually contains nearly 13,000 statues! The bike rental will cost $70 for the day, and we'll have lunch afterwards, so bring some cash for that too! Please wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable for a long bike ride, and plenty of water to stay hydrated! We're meeting at Tai Po Market Station, Exit A3! We will wait up to 15 minutes for latecomers, but please try not to be late!

  • Hike to Bride's Pool Waterfall

    Exit A [By the Tunnel]

    Two of the most astounding waterfalls in Hong Kong, Bride's Pool and Mirror Pool have a reputation for more than just calming down stressed city dwellers. Legend has it that centuries ago, a bride was passing by in stormy weather when she went tumbling into the river. Now, we'll take things a little easier this time around, starting our day off with a relaxing walk through nature, and ending it with one of Hong Kong's most refreshing spectacles. There's no cost for the hike (other than public transportation to get there), but we'll grab a late lunch afterwards so bring some cash for that! Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes that you can hike with, and don't forget to bring a smile! We're meeting at Tai Po Market Station, Exit A3!

  • Paddle-boarding and Kayaking in Stanley!

    Stanley Main Beach

    Hong Kong Island's southern coast is a beautiful and convenient place to kayak! From the Aquabound Centre, we'll slowly make our way to the Hong Kong Hobie Club, a laid back patch of sand on the other side of Tai Tam Bay. After working up an appetite pushing water, we'll head back to the Stanley waterfront for a well deserved lunch! Kayaks/paddleboards are $150 for a 2 hour rental. We'll also get lunch afterwards, so bring some cash for that too! Please wear shoes and clothes comfortable for kayaking or paddleboarding. You'll also have an opportunity to shower off afterward, so bring a towel for that too! We're meeting at the Hong Kong Aqua Bound Centre in Stanley!

  • The Wild Island of Tung Ping Chau

    Exit B

    Part of the Unesco Global Geopark, Tung Ping Chau is one of the farthest and most rugged islands in Hong Kong. Sporting crystal-clear waters teaming with colorful fish and coral, this island has some of the most unique rock formations in the world. We'll walk around the coast, past soaring cliffs, woodlands, and beautiful beaches, before ending it all with a nice lunch and a dip in the sea! The ferry is $90 roundtrip and we will have lunch on the island so bring some cash for that too! The hike is a total of 6km and will take about 3 hours to complete. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes for the hike and some swimwear and a towel for the swim!