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This group is for people of any faith background getting together for worship, meditation, healing, learning, fellowship and more. Our activities include World Peace Meditations, Sunday Worship Services, Healing Sanctuaries, Spiritual Readings, Guidance, Counseling, Movie Nights, Drum Circles, Spiritual Classes and more!

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Healing Service

Inner Ascended Masters Ministry

This is a time for healing, meditation and reflection. Join us as we share in love and spirit is a silent healing sanctuary (healers are available to give healing energies).

Interfaith/Interactive Sunday Service (10:30am)

Inner Ascended Masters Ministry

I.A.M. Ministries holds a Holistic Sunday Service. The term holistic means "characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole." During this service we will explore Body, Mind and Spirit with a Holistic approach using the words and teachings of the many masters that have come before us. We hope you will join us as we help everyone to their highest potential.

Practical Magick

Inner Ascended Masters Ministry


Practical Magic: A course of instruction cover intro to in depth information on how to utilize natural forces to bring about change. Topics to be covered include astrology, tarot, runes, Kabbalah, ceremonial magic, history, crystals, herbs, energy work, raising power, spell crafting and divination. All for only: $10/week

Prayer for the World and Healing Meditation

Inner Ascended Masters Ministry

Join us for a relaxing evening of world healing prayer followed by a guided meditation and discussion. This group is a unique forum of open-minded people's that have been gathering together around the country since 1994 to generate positive energy for the promotion world healing and peace through prayer. After the prayer there is a guided meditation the leads people further along the path of their spiritual unfoldment followed by an open discussion period. Nothing is required to attend except and open mind and the compassionate desire to create positive healing energy.

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Wiccan Community Night

Inner Ascended Masters Ministry

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