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Let's get together and discuss why toxic chemicals have no place in our products
Let's start a movement! We all know that there are so many chemicals that have been proven to do all sorts of things such as disrupting our endocrine system, increase the risk of fetal diseases, affect fertility, damage organs such as our kidneys, nervous system disorders, etc. It can be daunting to think about making a change. But this Meet-Up group is about looking on the positive side while we get revved up about creating change. We can, quite easily, make the necessary changes with the right information in our homes/lives. In numbers we have the ability to command change so that this eventually will be a non-issue. All companies will have to make products that are good for us because no one is buying the toxic ones anymore. Am I an idealist...? Yes, but I bet you are too to some degree at least or you wouldn't have read this far. What great and positive change didn't come from the tenacity of an idealist or many? So many people are suffering from potentially avoidable conditions because we haven't had the right information or education. Let's fix that. Help ourselves and help others. It's going to feel good on so many levels. I'm not a quack nor do people avoid me at parties because I'm on my soapbox. Quite the contrary. I am a pretty usual person (don't want to use the word 'normal'). I'm no salesperson and I'm not an eloquent speaker, but I will talk with those interested and exchange ideas and information. I'd love to meet you. Disclaimer: I do sell Ava Anderson Non-Toxic products. Ava herself states and I am 100% in agreement: We do not share this message about harmful and toxic chemicals to sell products, we created products to share this message. Ava was a 15 year old who when discovering the near total lack of products without harmful substances. She, with the help of her parents, created this company 5 years ago to provide an option and a vehicle to spread the word.

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    Let's meet to talk about how to transition to non-toxic products for ourselves, our friends, our family including baby & pets; and our home . In the European Union nearly 1300 different toxic chemicals are banned (they cannot put them in any products) whereas the United States bans only 11 of them. It's time to get the word out and educate ourselves to do the best we can to limit toxic chemicals in our lives. It's easier than it seems and it can be fun (and effective and smell good). There's a whole line of products created by a very health- and enviro-conscious company, Ava Anderson. I'll have products to test but this is not about selling products. It is about finding a way to simplify this seemingly daunting task of limiting chemical. Discussion and idea-sharing among people with a common interest is the goal. Meeting new like-minded friends will just be a big PLUS. Let's make this the best and easiest 2015 resolution to fulfill.

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