• December Meetup @ Stitch Labs

    Stitch Labs

    We've been on a bit of a hiatus, but we're back for one last meetup of 2018! Hard to believe this year is almost over... Come join us for a casual discussion over pizza & beer. All are welcome, whether you are new to Laravel or a seasoned pro! Feel free to bring: • Questions / problems if you're looking for help • Job descriptions / contact info if you're looking to hire a developer • Your business card / resume if you're looking for work Location / Sponsor =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Stitch Labs (https://www.stitchlabs.com/) will once again be hosting us for the year-end event. We are looking forward to joining Stitch in their excellent office space once again. Presentations =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= • Intro to React.js [ Matthew Troke ] • Email Verification in Laravel 5.7 [ Connor Leech ] Schedule =-=-=-=-=-= • 6:00 - Eat, drink and be merry! Talk amongst ourselves • 6:45 - Welcome, discuss job opportunities & developer availability • 7:00 - Presentations • 8:00 - Mingle & network

  • July Meetup @ BigCommerce


    BigCommerce will be hosting and sponsoring our July meetup at their SF office at 685 Market Street. Check in with the security guard in the lobby to be let up to the 3rd floor. Presentation: "Your first Laravel Package" with Paul Foryt We'll create a Laravel 5 package to integrate with Amazon Mechanical Turk. Schedule: 6:30pm - Pizza and beer provided by BigCommerce 7:00pm - "Your first Laravel Package" with Paul Foryt 7:30pm - Open forum 8:00pm - Networking and hanging out

  • LaravelSF June Happy Hour

    Golden Gate Tap Room

    Let's get together for a happy hour this month at Golden Gate Tap Room near Union Square. Stop by for as long as you want! Grab a beer and talk shop with your fellow SF Laravelers.

  • April Meetup @ mLab


    The amazing mLab (https://mlab.com/) will be hosting and sponsoring our April meetup! Join us at their offices in the Mission at 660 York Street, about a 15 minute walk from 16th Street BART. Presentation: "Intro to MongoDB" - Tim Fogarty - How are NoSQL databases different from SQL databases? What are the best use cases for NoSQL databases? mLab's Tim Fogarty will answer those questions and give us all a primer on NoSQL databases and MongoDB. Open Forum / Discussion: Got a Laravel issue you want help with? Or maybe you just want to get more eyes on your code to discuss technique, efficiency, etc? Come prepared to show your code and we'll all pitch in to get it polished up. We'll talk about code, IDE's, business advice or whatever YOU bring to the table. Schedule: 6:30 - Eat, Drink, and Chat 7:00 - "Intro to MongoDB" Presentation 7:30ish - Open forum Followed by more eating, drinking, and chatting

  • March Meetup @ Twilio


    Join us for our March meetup, hosted by Twilio at their SoMa HQ! Twilio's HQ is at 375 Beale Street, a 10 minute walk from Embarcadero BART/Muni. Please check in with security in the lobby when you arrive and head up to the 3rd floor. Presentations "Laravel & WordPress: Exploring the Possibilities" - Danyell Noe In this talk, we’ll explore various ways to make these two pieces of powerful PHP software work together in a seamless fashion to create robust applications while leveraging each of their strengths. "LaraSqrrl: Automatically Rekognizing Squirrels" - Paul Foryt While previous incarnations of LaraSqrrl relied on experts to identify squirrels, we'll combine Laravel, Twilio, and AWS Rekognition to automatically analyze and identify images in real-time. Schedule 6:30 - Eat, Drink, and Chat 7:00 - Presentations 8:00 - More eating, drinking, and chatting Sponsor Special thanks to Twilio for hosting and sponsoring our March event!

  • February Meetup @ Knotel

    972 Mission St

    Join us as we kick off 2018 with our first event! We'll be meeting at Knotel's new office space on the 3rd floor at 972 Mission St, just a quick walk from the Powell St BART and MUNI station. Presenters "Laravel SF in 2018" by Danyell Noe - Danyell will introduce the group and discuss our visions for 2018 - Introduce a new initiative to create, collect and share code with the Laravel community - Open floor to suggestions from members on format, topics, etc. "Know Thy User" by Paul Foryt - A follow-up to Paul's first user analytics talk, we'll do a deep dive into a real product's analytics. Schedule - 6:30pm - Mix and mingle with food and beer - 7:00pm - Presentations - 8:00pm - More mixing and mingling Sponsors Special thanks to Knotel for hosting us in their SF space, and thank to Infuse for sponsoring the food and drinks!

  • December Happy Hour at 21st Amendment Brewing

    21st Amendment Brewery

    • What we'll do Since it's December and everyone has unusual schedules, we're making this month's meetup a happy hour! Come hang out with us at 21st Amendment Brewery and let's chat about all things Laravel (other topics of are course welcome) as we wrap up 2017. We'll be hanging out there from 6:30 until at least 8:30. Go ahead and order a beer or any food for yourself when you get there if you're first! • What to bring • Important to know

  • November Meetup - 2 Year Anniversary

    Stitch Labs

    Our November meetup marks our 2 Year Anniversary for relaunching LaravelSF! Huge thanks to all the past presenters, location hosts, food sponsors, and especially all our meetup attendees. Woo! We're also excited to announce that Taylor Otwell (yes, that Taylor Otwell) will be joining us via video chat for a Q&A session! We will be taking questions beforehand for the beginning of the Q&A, and then we will open it up to additional questions. Please add your questions in the comments on this event or tweet them at us at @LaravelSF. Stitch Labs (https://www.stitchlabs.com/) will be hosting us for our special anniversary event. We are looking forward to joining Stitch in their awesome office space once again! Presentations • Laravel Horizon Overview by Owen Wendland • Q&A with Taylor Otwell Schedule • 6:30 - Hang out, eat, drink • 7:00 - Presentations • 8:00 - Talk amongst ourselves Sponsor

  • October Meetup @ Nexmo


    We're excited to be visiting Nexmo (https://www.nexmo.com/) again for our October meetup. Nexmo's office is in SoMA at 217 2nd St, a short walk from the Montgomery BART/Muni station. Presentations "Effective Logging" by Logan Bailey • This talk will provide real world use cases where logging saved or could've saved the day. Attendees will get learn about how to get started logging and then on to more advanced logging as well as learning how to effectively gleam useful data from their logs using ELK( Elastic Search, Logstash, & KIbana). "User Analytics 101 - Part 2" by Paul Foryt • Dive into the why and how of analyzing your users' behavior using Mixpanel. Sponsors Special thanks to Amanda and Jessica at Nexmo (https://www.nexmo.com/)for helping arrange the space and the food and drinks!

  • September Meetup @ SF Anchor

    Anchor Coworking Space

    Garage Days Development (http://www.garagedaysdev.com/) is sponsoring our meetup at SF Anchor's (http://www.sfanchor.com/) co-working spaces at 1540 Market Street, right at the Van Ness Muni station. Presentations "Documentation First APIs (With Lumen)" by Matt Allan • Use swagger and Lumen to build documentation first apis. "User Analytics 101" by Paul Foryt • Dive into the why and how of analyzing your users' behavior using Mixpanel. Sponsors Special thanks to Sean at Garage Days Dev (http://www.garagedaysdev.com/) and CRAVE Metrics for setting up the space at SF Anchor (http://www.sfanchor.com/) and for sponsoring the food and drinks!