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Hello friends ❤️ This meetup is a place for us to connect over a shared interest in yoga, meditation, wellness, and health - some of my favorite topics and I assume yours too if you're here!

We need this connection now more than ever..... Please DROP ME A LINE and tell me a little about yourself, would love to know more about you and what some of your health goals are.

I've started doing FREE online monthly workshops on a variety of health topics, including Intuitive Eating (the BEST way to change your relationship with food and your body!), the Habit Cycle, Managing your Mind and so much more!! Would love to have you join :)

Hope to see you soon!!


Dr. Carolyn Frost



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FREE Health & Wellness Coaching Discovery Call 🌿

Needs a location

Ask yourself this question, "How do I want to feel each day?"

Is the answer, overworked, exhausted, unfit, anxious, unhealthy, and unhappy?

Searching for answers, comfort, and distraction in food, alcohol, shopping, work, and social media?

Caught up in negative thoughts, “ I don’t have the time/energy/resources to be healthy right now”.

Or even... “I’m fine. Not happy or unhappy, just... fine”.

OF COURSE NOT! You know you are capable of SO MUCH MORE!

I can help.

With two decades of experience and extensive study in health, wellness, and psychology, I’ve learned that health, happiness, and true joy originate from the inside out.

Join me and countless others as you welcome health, energy, and vitality back into your life!

All it takes is a quick 20-min Discovery Call to determine your next steps.

Contact [masked]/schedule to set it up!

FREE! Yoga Video Library 🌿

Needs a location

Check out the FREE Yoga Break Videos below!

I'm constantly updating, so check back often!

These videos are 20 minutes or less - so you know you can always make time to add movement, peace and calm to your day.


Perfect for all levels! Video options range from calm to more energetic and everything in between!

FREE!! 3 Day Thought Challenge 🌿

Needs a location

Find out what exactly is going on in that brain of yours.... and how you can use your thoughts to intentionally create the life you really want!

Sign up here for immediate access!!


FREE First Class! Online Vinyasa Flow 🌿

Link visible for attendees

Create space and ease in your body with this vinyasa flow class! Moving mindfully with the breath, the focus is on safely transitioning through postures to build strength, balance and flexibility. You will leave feeling, spacious, calm and focused.

All levels welcome - even absolute beginners!

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FREE First Class! Online Vinyasa Flow 🌿

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