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There are plenty of great Dog Groups, but I've been searching for a Large Breed Meetup for a while. It's time for us Gentle Giant dog owners, to have some doggy playtime of our own. So... I started a new Meetup.

80lbs-ish and up, all Gentle Giants are welcome.

I'll plan on arranging this once or twice per week for 1-2 hours-ish, at Magnuson Off-Leash Area, and see what interest there is. You are welcome to keep your dog on leash if you prefer.

If your Fur Baby hasn't had much off-leash experience, this is a great location, as it's completely enclosed with plenty of space to run and play.

If you wish to socialize a Large Breed Puppy, please bring your puppy on leash, and we can see how it goes. I don't want to see your Pup getting run over by a playing Gentle Giant.

Meeting Spot:
West Entrance of Magnuson Off-Leash Area, under the open, green roofed, shelter.

If there is enough interest, I would love to expand into other Parks and activities, especially during Summer.

Disclaimer: A few important things to note! We all love our babies, but since we're talking about large breed dogs, it is important your dog is well socialized, and trained, is not overly dominant, or dominant aggressive, not aggressively Toy possessive, and you should have good verbal control.

I take absolutely no responsibility for your dog, or anyone else's. By coming to these events, your agree to accept complete responsibility for your dog's behavior, and releasing me/us of any liability. Please make sure your dog has had all necessary shots, you will be held liable for problems arising from this, or any other issues.

If your dog shows signs of aggression, or problematic, and repeated aggressively dominant behavior, you will be asked to leave the group.

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