LeSS Huge at BMW

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Our guests are Mark Bregenzer, LeSS Trainer (https://de.linkedin.com/in/mark-bregenzer-52603b6) and Robert Briese, CLP (https://de.linkedin.com/in/robriese).

Mark has been at the top of the large LeSS transition at BMW autonomous driving. Some things we've heard about it are pretty amazing. New contracts for employees, new career paths. They've created a new campus and were quite visible in the press with it. Here is one video, you can google more:


This is our chance to understand what went on there and to talk the people deeply involved in it.

Creating an autonomous driving car is pretty darn interesting! And so, not surprisingly is an organizational design for LeSS to develop it, and the supporting role of leadership.

Actually, this is a LeSS Huge case, and we will explore concrete details of a LeSS Huge adoption.

How did it start? You will hear the whys and hows of managing a very large-scale adoption.

And you will learn interesting details of what went well, the usual messy realities, and the ongoing role of senior managers.

The presenters are working hands-on and in-depth in this case.