What we're about

-- About Us --

We get together twice a month to watch a "so bad it's good" movie at our place, usually on Sundays around 2pm. These events are open to anyone who wants to join, and fun for all ages (ages 21+). We do this because we love bad and cult movies! Our adventure will be going through a long library of strange, unusual, and sometimes downright ridiculous films from the classic 70's blacksploitation films all the way up to modern Neil Breen films (filmed right here in las vegas!). We'll mix it up with cult films, Z-grade horror films, and maybe even an actually good movie every once in a while. Get to know some of your local bad-movie film lovers, and kill a couple of hours without even having to drive very far (probably).

--- What you get ---

- We have a long lineup of bi-monthly events, so come when you feel up to it, and bring a friend if you want
- Is there riffing to be had? Maybe! You can also just sit, eat crackers, and have a good time in silence too : )
- We'll usually have some kind of food item freely available, cheese+crackers for the "high-art film affectionatio", peasant food like tacos for the rest of us.
- If you're a regular, you'll get a chance to recommend a future movie for the group to watch.
- The meetups are relatively short! No long commitments or whole-day adventures here. Most meetups are just a little over 2 hours in total.
- Good vibes, cool peeps, a good excuse to get out do something fun, with minimal effort on a Sunday.

--- Restrictions ---

- Only ages 21+ for now because there may be alcohol and we don't want to get in trouble.
- Don't be a jerk. And please be respectful, we want everyone to have a good time.

--- Wow, I'm so excited, sign me up ---

- Way cool. We always start the movie EXACTLY at the time specified. Come a little early or stay a little later if you want to hang out for a bit, but otherwise these meetups last about 2 hours. They're not lengthy commitments.
- We'll usually have some beers or whatnot available if you want to kick us a couple bucks when you come, but otherwise it's BYOB
- The plan is Sunday 2pm, every other week, but check the event schedule for details.

"Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. We’re all going to die. Come watch TV with us."

Upcoming events (5)

Cult Movies #2 - Miami Connection

2901 N Rainbow Blvd

We decided that Wish Upon was actually a "good movie", even though it was critically panned, and not actually "so bad it's good". But it's clear that FAR too few people have seen the majesty of "Maimi Connection" and that has to change, starting next weekend. This movie has ninjas, it has catchy songs about ninjas, it is straight nuts and a wild ride all the way. Give in! (View meetup details for a general description of this event)

Bad Movies #4 - Pocket Ninjas

2901 N Rainbow Blvd

Maybe we went too far this time, folks... Pocket Ninjas is what made me want to start this group. This movie is bonkers, the very definition of "so bad it's good". Straight nonsense. Robert Z'dar stars. (View meetup details for a general description of this event)

Bad Movies #5 - A Talking Cat!?

2901 N Rainbow Blvd

A talking cat?! How preposterous. How could a cat TALK?! And what would a talking cat even have to say?? Will it feature a cast of many gay actors pretending to be straight for this one film? Maybe! There will be booze... (View meetup details for a general description of this event)

Bad Movies #6 - Love on a Leash

2901 N Rainbow Blvd

Fen Tian brings us her stellar 2011 direct-to-video movie about a woman...who has to fall in love with a dog...in order to turn the dog into a human... but not completely human, just at night...when it counts ; ) (View meetup details for a general description of this event)

Past events (3)

Cult Movies #1 - Samurai Cop

2901 N Rainbow Blvd

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