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Search Engine Optimization: Get Found, Get Famous, Get Filthy Rich

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Yeah, we might be overstating the "get filthy rich" thing, but it's completely possible.

The secret to all your blogging dreams? SEO, or search engine optimization.

No matter the status or goals of your blog, being found is paramount, and to put it simply: Google is God.

No, really. (

In this session, we'll barely scratch the surface of SEO, but you have to start somewhere.

This session will save you years of time and energy better spent on creating glorious content.

Tips. Tricks. Fundamentals. Advanced tactics. What's new, what you need to know and what you need to worry about.

We'll talk about how to generate traffic, how to grow your site and how to write compelling meetup descriptions despite being intoxicated. Allegedly.

Scott's leading the session, but it'll be informative anyway. (One of his blog posts got 40,000 views this week.)

See you there!