How to Crush It On Twitter and More Gold for Bloggers

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After last session's Instagram crash course (thanks, Laci!), it's time to turn out attention to another invaluable tool for bloggers, Twitter.

We'll get into the weeds with how to generate traffic and build community using this sometimes mystifying social platform.

If you're new to the group, welcome. Our organizer is Scott Roeben, founder of, an award-winning Las Vegas blog. Which is a little awkward because he's the one writing this description. Moving on.

Last month, Scott's @VitalVegas Twitter account garnered 11.2 million Twitter impressions (with 31,000 followers) and you'll get all the skinny about how Twitter can help feed your blog, create influence, cement you and your site as a trusted authority, raise awareness of your brand and drive revenue.

Of course, we'll open things up for a general discussion about blogs and blogging. What obstacles are you facing? What's holding you back from blogging success? What tools do you need to win the Internet?

Let's make some blogging magic together. Or something.