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NFL Games this coming season
I'm working with NFL teams Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, Phoenix, and airlines for the up coming season, for 1 day events leaving Las Vegas in the mornings taking in some of the tailgating, then watch the game and fly home after. Please let me know what cities you would be interested in attending. If there is any other type of event that you would like to take in please let me know and we will see what we can arrange. Thanks Alec

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What we're about

This group is to get us Direct Charter Flights to a music festival, to a football game, to a Basketball game any other sporting event, to the Canadian Rockies! If you have an interest, a destination, an event let me know and we will get it together.
If you are a FAN and interested in FAST travel to watch your event LIVE, this Meetup is for you.
We can charter direct flights, include ground transportation , be at the event & then be back in your bed same day. If you are interested in longer trips, we can also include accomodations and tours.
Let's do this together, it's fast, direct and targeted to what you specifically want to travel for.

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